10 Ways Your Décor is Making Your Home Look Smaller

Space. Almost everyone wishes they had a bit more of it. But are you making the most of what you’ve got? In smaller rooms, it’s easy to make mistakes in the décor that can make space feel smaller than it is. To make it easier to see where problems can occur we’ve split these 10 tips into three categories; walls and floors, furniture and accessories, and lighting.

Walls and Floors

Walls and Floors1) If your room is on the small side use cooler and paler colors for paint or wallpaper, rather than deep or vibrant ones. These reflect the maximum amount of light, giving the room an airier feel, and create an impression of space.

2) Avoid adding heavy patterns to the walls of small rooms. The inherent busyness breaks up space and draws the eye inwards. Darker patterns will also absorb light and darken smaller spaces.

3) In smaller rooms try to avoid having too many pictures on the walls. Too many walls hanging decorations have the same space diminishing effect as heavy patterning on the walls.

4) Flooring is an often-neglected consideration. Carpets should be light and neutral in color, without heavy patterning. If you have laminate flooring lay it so the stripe of the flooring runs lengthways rather than across the width of the room. Finally, don’t break the floor space up with too many rugs and it will diminish the feeling of space.

Furniture and accessories

Minimize Furniture and accessories Living Room5) Too much furniture can be a major issue. Take a look at what you really need in the room and consider putting extra items into storage.

6) The wrong size furniture for the room is also a problem. It’s easy to become attached to those heirloom pieces or perfect finds from years ago, but if furniture is too large and bulky for the room it will automatically make the room look smaller.

7) Ornaments, realistically, most of us have too many. And, apart from being dust magnets, they are making your room look smaller. If you must have them, try grouping them in an enclosed display unit. This will reduce the appearance of clutter and lower the dust factor too!

8) Throw pillows and throws can dramatically alter the feel of a room. But watch the number that creeps in. One or two strategically placed cushions can give a room a homely feel, but any more than that and you risk the space-stealing cluttered look.


Use Lighting to Create More Space9) Pay attention to your windows. Heavy curtains and blinds limit the natural light, and a dark room always looks smaller. However, make sure the curtains you have are floor length because shorter curtains give the impression of lowering the ceiling and make a room feel smaller.

10) Artificial light can make a huge difference to the feeling of space in a small room. A central light can leave corners looking dark and shadowy, drawing the space in and diminishing it. Using lamps, or wall lights, and adding mirrors to reflect light into those hard to reach corners will open the room.

Some last words

So there you have it. Most of the problems highlighted by this list are easy and inexpensive to fix. Obviously, there needs to be a balance between staying true to your personal style and maximizing your available space. But implementing just a few of these tips should have even the smallest of rooms feeling lighter and more spacious in no time.