5 Best Air Fresheners For Your Bathroom

One of the benefits of modern living is that when nature calls, we have bathrooms to take care of our needs. We can all relate to our bathrooms being the most frequently used room in the entire house, and keeping it fresh is a constant task. A good air freshener is one of the best ways to make your bathroom a place that actually smells pleasant.

Targets Odors for Termination

The Numero 2 Bathroom Spray is a handy odor eliminator that you spray into your toilet before you handle your business. This spray is designed to create a barrier in the bowl prior to you using the toilet and you can just walk away when you are finished.

Numero 2 Bathroom SprayThis spray is small enough to take with you wherever you may use the bathroom, and keep things smelling nice. Because we all have our own preference when it comes to a particular scent, Numero 2 comes in several different flavors, so you can choose your favorite. It only takes 2 to 3 sprays to do its job, so you don’t have to saturate the entire room, and you will be taking out bathroom odor before it ever spreads. This also gives you less of a chance to bother others who may have allergies, or are sensitive to strong scents.

This is not the spray to use for covering the entire area of your bathroom since it is made for toilet use. So while it does not have the versatility of some other bathroom sprays that can be used all over the house, the Numero 2 is a focused odor remover that does its job, right at the source.

Automatic and Timely

The Big D 767 Dispenser is a programmable air freshener that you mount in your bathroom, adjust the settings, and it handles the rest from there. This spray is battery-operated and can be programmed to spray up to 60 times per hour, for up to seven days, it is your choice.

Big D 767 DispenserThis dispenser has an indicator light on it that flashes a green light when it is working normally, and flashes red when you need to change to the aerosol can. Unlike air fresheners that you have to spray yourself, the Big D 767 can keep delivering afresh to your bathroom when you are away. It can also be used in areas that you need consistent odor elimination, like around pet houses.

This air freshener is not designed for walking around your house spraying each and every room. It is for setting up in your bathroom and letting it work on schedule. It may also be a small issue for those who are not good about replacing batteries in a timely manner.

Dropping It Won’t Stop It

The Fresh Drop Odor Preventer works by placing a few drops in the toilet before use, and it will stop the bad smells for coming out and wreaking havoc. It was created using a special plant extract so that it is safe for you and the environment as well. Once the drops are placed on the water, they work to keep odors within the toilet, and out of the way.

Fresh Drop Odor PreventerFresh Drop made this air freshener small enough to take with you to the office or keep with you when you want to use it. It also saves you time for having to spray the entire bathroom to fight odors after the fact. You just put the drops in and do what you need to do. It is also good for use in smaller spaces when you don’t want to affect the entire room, just keep odor contained.

Because they are intended for use directly in your toilet, the fresh drops are not meant to get rid of odor in your entire room. Unlike the automated air fresheners, you have to place new Fresh Drops by hand, each time you want to use them.

The Bag That Grabs Odor

The OPUL Charcoal Odor Eliminator Bag is made up of chemical-free activated charcoal that is placed in your bathroom, and near other areas that you want to the bad smells away from. This air freshener targets bacteria and mold growth as well, you can place it right next to your toilet and have added protection. It just needs sunlight in order to reactivate the charcoal, and it is ready to go.

OPUL Charcoal Odor Eliminator BagYou can get years of odor elimination with one bag of OPUL charcoal. It can be placed safely all over your home, even inside of your refrigerator to eliminator odor there. The versatility of these bags allows you to place one near your toilet, bathroom trash can, air vent, or another specific spot that you want to keep fresh. Because it is non-toxic activated charcoal, you can place it in spots that your pets are, keeping the air fresh and not have to worry about it harming them.

Since you can’t use this charcoal to place in your toilet before use, you don’t have the advantage of fighting odor at that source. What it will do is, eliminate odor near where it is placed, and do it for a long time.

Spray the Bowl and Relax

The Etiquette Bathroom Deodorizer just takes a couple of sprays into your toilet water to begin catching odor right there. Etiquette went with natural ingredients in this spray, to give you a safe way to neutralize odor, instead of just doing a cover-up job. It also leaves a pleasant scent of its own for you to enjoy.

Etiquette Bathroom DeodorizerIt is easy to take this air freshener with you when you are on the go. Just grab it and the bottle can be held discreetly, great for public use.

When it comes to keeping the bathroom free of toilet odor, this deodorizer tackles that job before it ever happens. Because this spray goes to work at the root of most bathroom odor, you won’t have to try to get rid of lingering odor once you are finished using the toilet.

While it can leave your entire bathroom smelling fresh, the Etiquette bathroom spray is specifically for use in your toilet. You may want to use another air fragrance for spraying the air, to go along with this deodorizer.

All in What You Want

Depending on the type of air freshener you prefer, you can find one that suits your personal needs. It is just important to get safe, effective odor-elimination out of it. When I want my bathroom free of bad smells, I definitely want a good air freshener close by that does the job, quickly.