6 Ways to Make Your Small Living Room Appear Larger

Make Your Small Living Room Appear LargerIf you’re dealing with a small living room, it may feel frustrating as you feel you just don’t have room for anything. With some creative tips, you will be amazed at how much room you can gain.

Coffee Tables and End stands

One of the first things in your living room you should tackle is your coffee tables and end stands. When you’re dealing with a small space, you want to make sure that almost any type of furniture you bring in your home is multi-purpose, meaning having an extra storage room. For example, having a coffee table that has extra storage will allow you to store small items that would otherwise make your living room look smaller and cluttered, such as video game controllers, remote controls, pens and pencils, notepads, TV guide, etc.

Built-in Bookshelves

Rather than having a bulky bookshelf or having your books in a pile in your living room, investing in a built-in bookshelf is essential to maximize your living room space. You can install the built-in bookshelves anywhere, but by installing it over a doorway, it takes up even less room. If your books are neatly placed and not just thrown on the shelf, your living room will look a bit larger with this option.

Take Advantage of Mirrors and Glass

When you use mirrors and glass in your living room, it will create reflections, which will then bounce the light around. This technique can allow small space to appear larger. To get the most out of this method, having a mirror or two and then also having a coffee table made from glass, rather than wood, will allow for more reflections and light being bounced around. So, you don’t have to clutter up your walls with mirrors, try tucking the mirrors in corners and hang art or paintings in glass frames, creating, even more, reflections.

Windows Coverings Aren’t Cutting Off Light

When you hang your curtains, keep in mind to hang them in such a way that when they are open, the whole panel is clear. It’s ideal for open curtains to fall along the side of the window, so they aren’t blocking any light. Try to avoid hanging curtains on the inside of your window frame; consider hanging them from the ceiling, as it will add height to your space.

Hang Your TV on The Wall

By hanging your TV on the wall, you will be able to free up extra room that you would have otherwise used for a TV stand. When you use a flexible arm to hang your TV, you will be able to conveniently turn it the way you wish. For example, if you were to rearrange your living room and you move your couch, you can position the TV in a different direction, thanks to that flexible arm.

Create Unity and Work Around the Layout

It’s ideal to have a few of your furniture pieces matching the color palette of your walls. Once you do this, if you have any large furniture items they will then blend into the room as well, leaving a visually enlarged space. Working around the layout is also crucial; when your doors, windows, and walls come into play, it can be a bit tricky to accommodate an open-living plan. For a more straight-forward and simple strategy, you can add a standing light against a wall that is between two areas. Additionally, you can even add a rug that will line up with your sofa. If you are looking for a new sofa, try going for an L-shaped sofa and It can provide extra seating, but still, make the room appear larger.

Some final words

Whether you currently have a small living room or if you look for a new place in the future and you notice a small living room, don’t let that stop you from purchasing it if you love the rest of the home. Thankfully, there’s always room for improvement. Grab those mirrors and that glass coffee table, carefully hang your curtains with an open mind, clear up room on your floor by not having an end stand and opting to hang your TV on the wall, and transform your small space into a visually enlarged room.