7 Awesome Rug or Carpet Ideas

Awesome Rug or Carpet IdeasIn a time when the popularity of carpets and rugs has waned in favor of hardwood floors and tiling, it’s useful to remind ourselves of the numerous benefits that carpets and rugs bring to our homes. It’s also handy to consider the different ways in which carpets and rugs can be used to bring about those benefits. They can have a great effect on our homes’ sound insulation, energy expenses, safety, and maintenance, in addition to both our physical and mental health.

Here are 7 awesome rug or carpet ideas for your home:

Choose Your Rug or Carpet First

When you’re remodeling or decorating a room, it’s tempting to envisage the furniture, the layout, the walls and windows, the lighting and pretty much everything else, before you get to the carpet or rugs. This often leaves people stuck trying to find something that suits the furniture and wallpaper choices they’ve already made. It’s a far better idea to do things the other way around – work from the ground up. Decide first what the flooring will look like and what it will say about the room. This makes it a lot easier for your other choices to fit perfectly.

Protect the Environment

Amid all the noise about going green, eco-friendly homes and saving the environment, carpets have again been generally overlooked. This is a big mistake as if you’re looking to save on energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint, choosing the right carpet – and rugs – can be a big step towards your final goal. Installing wall-to-wall carpets and rugs is a great way to insulate heat, as they don’t allow heat to escape in the same way as other types of flooring. By choosing warm colors, you add the overall effect, meaning you’re less likely to turn the heating up.

Use For a Low-Maintenance Home

Another popular trend, especially among young homeowners, is for household designs which require minimal maintenance. As working hours and commute times increase, it’s only natural that we want to free ourselves from the time burdens of running and cleaning a household. Using carpets and rugs is a great way to do this. Textured rugs are great at hiding marks and spillages, and high-density loop carpets provide better protection against the accumulation of dirt. All of this means that cleaning is simply a matter f passing the vacuum cleaner over the floor, just once over.

Provide Care on Your Stairs

When we think of safety and stairs, we don’t always make the connection to carpets. In fact, carpets have an unfair reputation for being stair hazards – it is not the carpet that is the hazard, though, it is a poor installation that is the problem. When done properly, a carpet installation on your stairs can actually reduce the danger of accidents. A well-fitting, woolen carpet is much softer on your knees than wood or stone. Plus wool looks great and can really ease the transition between two loft spaces. As a highly durable material, it makes a great high-traffic carpet.

Layer Carpets and Rugs

Bare flooring has been something of a fad in ‘up-and-coming’ apartments, along with exposed brick walls. Unfortunately, this fad doesn’t work well esthetically in different types of home, and can also cause discomfort and energy waste. Rather than simply placing a rug on a bare floor, it is a much better idea to use carpeting under the rug. This gives you all the benefits of a fully-covered floor, while still allowing you to be creative with colors and patterns. Layering several rugs can be tricky to get right, but it really opens up your options for influencing the room’s ambiance.

Use them for Contrast and Highlighting

There are so many ways that you can use rugs and carpets to manipulate or enhance the appearance of your furniture and the room as a whole. There is nothing wrong with a neutral carpet when it should not distract from the centerpiece of the room. But carpets can be used to provide a lighter foundation for darker colors or vice-versa. Striking colors can lead people through the room in a visual sense. A dark carpet, neutral furniture, and a scarlet rug, for example, can serve as a great way of focusing attention in one area.

Soundproof your Room

If you live in an apartment building, or perhaps a house with thin walls and creaky floorboards, a combination of good carpets and rugs can still mean your neighbors get a good night’s sleep. Layers of carpeting and rugs serve to absorb sounds, giving you a striking improvement in noise levels compared with hardwood flooring. For family members who need to study, or work night shifts, carpets and rugs are usually a must, and they’ll thank you forever!