7 Tips – How to Create a Bathroom That Cleans Itself

Bathroom That Cleans ItselfIt very well may be the most unpleasant task in the home, but it’s a job that just can be ignored. Cleansing a bathroom properly requires some spraying, soaking and a lot of scrubbing. If you’re lucky, you might only need to do it once a week, but the effort that’s required to thoroughly sanitize the restroom can take you hours.

Although there isn’t presently any technology available that will enable a private bathroom to clean itself, things might be different at a future date.

For now, here are seven effective tips for designing a lavatory that will practically keep itself sparkling clean.

1. Get a Self Cleaning Toilet

If you are okay with spending a little extra on a modern toilet never has to be scrubbed, scoured or bleached, a self-cleaning model will make your life that much easier.

These toilets are designed to prevent those nasty rings from forming inside of the toilet bowl, and you will never smell the unpleasant odor associated with an unsanitary commode again.

2. Buy a Robot Mop

You have likely seen the various robot powered vacuum cleaners and mops on the market, but you won’t realize how much time you can save with the implementation of one of these handy devices until you put it to work in your restroom.

Robot MopSimply program your robot mop to clean the bathroom floors while you are away at work or sleeping and a traditional mop won’t ever be needed again.

3. Use a Shower Caddy

Shampoo, body scrub, bubble bath, body wash, razors, wash clothes – all of these items belong in the bathroom, and if you value personal hygiene, you likely keep all of them close to the shower.

Unfortunately, a restroom isn’t easy to keep clean. Use a shower caddy to organize your personal care products so all hard surfaces stay spic-and-span.

4. Choose Dirt Resistant Surfaces

Speaking of countertops, sinks, shelves, and ledges, the type of surfaces that you have in your restroom will stay cleaner longer if they are naturally resistant to dust, dirt, bacteria, soap scum and mildew.

Dirt Resistant Surfaces for BathroomConcrete is one of the most popular materials being used in contemporary lavatories as it is well known for being strong, durable and difficult to stain.

5. Get Rid of the Grout

Grout may neatly outline each of the tiles in your restroom and help to give a uniform look but can create a haven for dirt. Even worse, grout can stain, peel and cause big problems when it comes time to clean up.

Eliminate the grout, and while you’re at it, throw out all of the tiles, too. Glass, stone, and concrete are not only preferable materials for self-cleaning bathrooms, but they also look better.

6. Install a Self Cleaning Showerhead

If you’re especially cleanly, you are aware of the fact that spraying the tub and shower after every use can prevent soap scum from forming, making scrubbing the lavatory delightful instead of dreadful.

Self Cleaning ShowerheadTake out the old bath hardware and choose a self-cleaning shower head so you won’t need to reach upward and exert yourself while you quickly wipe down the interior of your restroom.

7. Store Your Linens Wisely

Remember that a restroom is a place that is going to be used regularly, not a mausoleum. Leaving towels that you aren’t going to use out on display is just going to invite more dust to settle in the lavatory.

Keep all linens and towels in a closed off storage area, such as under the sink or in a closet so that you need to dust your powder room is minimal.

In Conclusion

Since it probably won’t be wise for you to spray your restroom down with bleach and hose it down in an effort to keep it clean with minimal effort, these tips should cut down on the time you dedicate to sanitizing the dirtiest part of your home.

Consider renovations if you can’t more than a few days without needing to get down on your hands and knees, and choose surfaces that will keep dirt away instead of attracting it.

Until science creates the perfect, no maintenance, self-cleaning bathroom, these smart tips will have to do in the meantime.