8 Balcony Decorating Ideas for Your Apartment

8 Balcony Decorating Ideas for Your ApartmentGetting an apartment with a balcony is great. You have a view, a nice place to relax, and a great space for hanging out with a few friends. But how do you make your balcony interesting? A plain balcony still has a great view, but you can’t spend much time out there until you get bored or tired of just standing there. But there are a ton of ways to upgrade your balcony from plain to wow, without breaking the bank.

Furnish it Up

One great way to spice up your balcony is to get some patio furniture for it. You can pay full price at a store, but the best time to buy outdoor furniture (unless there’s a sale, of course) is when the summer season is coming to an end. Stores have outdoor furniture at a great discount around the beginning of fall, sometimes upwards of fifty percent off. But of course, if you’re planning on using it immediately, you’ll want it before the end of the sunny season.

Do You Have a Green Thumb?

Whether you have furniture or not is important, because it gives you a place to relax, but another great way to decorate a balcony is with some plants. If your balcony is in the sun, you could get plants that love the sun, such as cacti. You could even have a garden on your balcony if you love fruits and vegetables. Tending to plants can be very relaxing, and as long as you don’t plan on having wild parties on the balcony, this is a great way to add some personality to your place.

Lights Are Okay Year Round

Some people might think it’s a little tacky to have Christmas lights on a balcony year round, but as long as they’re all one color and don’t have candy canes or snowflakes, this is a great way to make your balcony stand out. Lights are certainly an attention grabber, and they make your balcony a much more people-friendly place to talk and hang out when it gets dark. Putting lights on your balcony, especially white lights, makes it look that much more elegant.

Fly Your Flag

The expression is important, and what better way to express yourself than to hang a flag over the side of your balcony? Flags are very noticeable in the daytime and really display who you are. You could get a flag for a holiday, or a season. You could get a flag to support the military. You could get a flag for your favorite sports team. The possibilities are endless!

Beat the Rain

If your balcony is covered already, you have nothing to worry about when those gray clouds roll around, but for those who don’t have a covered balcony, an awning might be worth looking into. Awnings can be very classy and add an air of uniqueness to your balcony, but they’re also great for keeping it dry. They keep away snow, too, so you’re good to go out on the balcony even in the winter.

Under My Umbrella

If you don’t want to spend the money on an awning, an umbrella will cover most balconies and add some shade and weather protection. Plus, who doesn’t love a classy umbrella?

Party Deck

An important part of making your balcony party friendly is a fancy cooler for drinks, whether it be soda or something stronger. Mini fridges get the job done but don’t add much pizzazz to a balcony, but there are plenty of shaped coolers or fifties style coolers that really add some character to your space while keeping your drinks cool and ready for company.


If you have a bug problem on your balcony or you just love the smell of fire, tiki torches might be a perfect way to light your balcony. The fire keeps bugs away, even more so if you have citronella fuel, and it adds great lighting for group photos on your balcony.

In Conclusion

There are plenty of ways to dress up your balcony to make it classy, practical, or even a party destination. Regardless of how you use the space, make sure it fits your personality and makes it a homey extension of your rental.