8 Brilliant Colors that Designers Use in Their Own Homes

8 Brilliant Colors That Designers Use In Their HomeIf you’re looking for new paint colors to incorporate into your home, you’re probably overwhelmed by all the different color palettes available at your local home improvement store.
You may be researching online for the best color picks by designers, or stalking Pinterest for the trending paint color choices. Look no further, as the below eight colors are used by designers in their own homes. What’s a better way to choose the color of your living room than by looking at the designer’s own homes?

Blue Green

This classic color is used by designers to create a timeless color that will last throughout any decade. This color is great for creating a tranquil feel in any room. This color can be found in Benjamin Moore’s pallet of colors by the name Palladian Blue. Accessories or furniture in black or white would make this color stand out beautifully.


Another color that can fit any room is the color stone. A neutral color that can be described as a warm gray will outlast any and all trends that may change throughout the years. It’s also a great color for those who are looking for a fresh color that also warms up the home.


Tan or beige colors are great neutral colors for warming up any room. It can be accessorized with bold colors that don’t overdramatize the space. This color is used as a shade perfect for a living room or entryway that suits all décor styles.


This color can be considered a warm yellow color that will warm up any room. Not too yellow, this color is able to be dressed up with accessories that won’t be too oversaturated for those of you who don’t want a bold color. This color would be perfect for a room that doesn’t have as much light as the others. The color will create its own light and make the room feel larger and brighter.

Grey white

If you’re looking for a color that isn’t too drastic but adds some color to your walls, a grey-white color may be the option for you. Unlike stark white, this won’t make your home look like a hospital or look too sterile. It is a neutral shade that works for someone who doesn’t want to experiment with bold colors.

Coral pink

While this color differs from the other colors on this list in that it’s a little bolder, it is subtle enough to not cause too much drama, while also giving a pop of color to your home. This is a traditional color that appears in several designers’ homes. It can add light to a room that will contrast against other neutral colors in your home.


Not just your standard gray, this color works well with an open floor plan. It can work with all styles of design. This color is better than standard white color, but also gives the warmth that makes your house feel more like home. This color can be used for those who are looking for a more traditional color to open up their home.


While this color may be bland for some people, white can be a great color for those who like to accessorize with prints or bold colors in their furniture or accessories. Decorator’s White by Benjamin Moore is a designer’s choice for things like trim or ceilings. White can make a room stand out and seem brighter, while also making the room seem clean and fresh.