8 Handy Tips To Organize Your Kitchen

Help! My kitchen cabinets are beginning to take over the whole room!

You are probably used to seeing a superhero turn up in a cape, defeat the bad guy, and then leave and go on their merry way. Well, today we are that superhero and we are here to help you remove the worst villain of them all….kitchen clutter….

Tip Number 1 – Organize by your needs

Organize Your Kitchen by your needsThis may sound like an obvious one, but if you arrange your kitchen cabinets by the number of times you use each item you will find your life becoming that bit easier. It may seem like a good idea to leave all of your pots and pans in the same cupboard, but if you only use one regularly, does that one not belong nearer to you than the others?

Tip Number 2 – Put similar things together

Put similar things togetherThis second tip is an addition to the first, as after you have separated the object you use from the objects you don’t, you should group the remaining items into smaller more related groups. I am sure you get the drill for this one, saucepans with other saucepans and glasses with the glasses.

Tip Number 3 – Add another shelf

kitchen shelf ideasAs is the case with many households up and down the land, there is an awful lot of space going unused in cabinets. Don’t panic though, as there is an easy solution to one of the 21st century’s biggest problems, and that solution is a DIY shelf (nobody said it was going to be a dramatic solution did they!) All it takes is a raised platform of any variety to be popped inside a cabinet and voila you suddenly have twice the amount of storage available.

Tip Number 4 – Create a cooking zone

Create a cooking zoneOne of the most annoying things in a kitchen (barring anyone who thinks they are Gordon Ramsey when in reality they are more Gordon Bennet) is losing a piece of kit. You could be making a delicious dish and all you need to complete it is to strain the vegetables with the sieve, but alas, the sieve is over the other side of the room. By making a zone for all of your kitchen equipment near the oven, this will never be a problem again.

Tip Number 5 – Divide and conquer

This is a tip which will already be in use in many kitchens, but if you implement dividers into your kitchen cabinets, you will be able to conquer that mess with no issues at all. Spoons, forks, and knives will all have their own home!

Tip Number 6 – Rack ‘em up

Lids Stack RackLids are one of the most problematic and annoying things to store in any kitchen, but by simply using a rack to stack them all up, you will never have to worry about them again. Line them up by size too, and just think of all of the time you’ll get back from having to hunt for lids.

Tip Number 7 – Get creative with the sink

creative storage kitchen sinkMore often than not the kitchen sink cabinet is home to some of the most underwhelming items in the kitchen. It is filled with sponges, washing up liquid, and even some slightly more exotic household cleaning products. But what if…and bear with me here… Did you use that cupboard for something a little more productive? Think about the possibilities of what you could do with all that extra cupboard space!

Tip Number 8 – Containers are your hero

Kitchen ContainersOn the outside, they may just be humble pieces of plastic or metal, but on the inside containers could be just what you need to hold your kitchen together. You can organize any food that lives in your kitchen cupboards by some of the same rules mentioned above, and when the time comes you will know exactly where that chocolate bar you’ve been craving is! Happy organized snacking!

There are many other clever ideas out there to help you organize your kitchen cabinets, but hopefully, these 8 tips have given you somewhere to start!