8 Trends for Your Next Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel TrendsAs life gets more hectic for all of us, the bathroom has been elevated to a sanctuary from the stress of everyday living. Here, in the privacy of your own space, you can unwind while being surrounded by comfort, luxury, and aesthetics that satisfy your inner artist.

Here are the newest bathroom trends for next year. Try one or all of them.

Comfort and Warmth

towel warmers bathroomNo matter how a bathroom looks, how it feels is equally important. As soothing as the bathing experience is, once the water is shut off the coldness inevitably seeps into your skin. Nothing is as jarring as this sudden discomfort. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

1. In Floor Heating

You can prolong the warmth with in-floor heating. The radiant heat within the floor allows your body to be warmed much more quickly and efficiently. No more chilled toes and goose-pimpled skin. Also, you might want to consider a natural stone floor: it holds onto the heat longer than synthetic materials.

2. Towel Warmers

Towel warmers also prolong the heat of the bath or shower, rather than shocking your skin with cold. They’re also a practical choice because they can dry the towels quicker and multiple towels can be dried at once. This also prevents that damp towel smell that none of us are fond of.

3. Fireplace

And if your budget allows, a fireplace provides warmth and a striking divider between the master bath and the room itself. This is also a great investment when it comes to selling your home. It definitely adds to your home value.

Functionality and Practicality

floating vanity bathroomThe newest bathrooms are also taking into account the ease of use. This makes perfect sense. The most beautiful, luxurious bathroom loses its charm if it stresses you out just to use it. So bathrooms that have smart shelving and use the space creatively are more likely to be enjoyed longer.

4. Shelving

Now there can be more storage space in the bathroom. With open shelving, knickknacks and bath supplies can be in the same location. And if you don’t want your guests to see the evidence of a hastily cleaned bathroom, you can use baskets or pull out drawers to contain the clutter.

5. Floating Vanity

Floating vanities not only look stylish and modern, but they’re also practical as well. You can install them at any height, which alleviates the problem for those of us who are either too tall or too short for standard counters. They’re also easy to clean and create openness in even the smallest bathrooms.

6. Simple Bathtubs

In the past, ornate bathtubs used to be the main focal point of the bathroom. Some bathrooms even contained steps leading to the tub.

But the newest trend is keeping the tub simple and freestanding. This isn’t surprising as most people aren’t spending their time taking a bath. Perhaps it’s due to the time it takes to fill the tub or the limited time one can soak in it before the water cools down, therefore ending the experience.

Deluxe Shower Upgrades

Deluxe Shower UpgradesSo if most people aren’t spending their time in the tub, it’s obvious that showers are the way to go. This is apparent in the available technology and upgrades for the shower.

7. Media

Now you can have your music and news in the bathroom with you. By utilizing Bluetooth and wireless speakers, your enjoyment is taken to another level, especially if you’re not the type who likes the sound of your singing in the shower.

Plus, a strategically placed television catches you up on your favorite show or important news coverage while you’re getting ready. This is great for those who like to multitask or prefer the hum of background noise to keep you company.

8. Bring the Spa Home

For the ultimate shower experience, many remodeled bathrooms mimic a spa atmosphere. From multiple showerheads positioned at different heights to customized water jets, this is truly a pampering session that will release the tensions of the day or provide a pleasant morning wake up for those of us who can’t function without that first cup of coffee.

The newest showers also have benches in them. If you’re on a budget, get a portable bench. If you prefer to invest more money, then consider a built-in bench. Regardless, a bench is perfect for those who enjoy sitting during their shower. It’s also great for those with injuries or the elderly.


So these are just a few of the trends to consider if you’re looking for ideas on your next remodel or if you’re looking to buy a home. No matter which trend you choose, make sure you love it because you’ll be using the bathroom. Of course, if your purpose is in adding value to a home you want to sell, make sure to include the trends previously mentioned, particularly the fireplace and shower upgrades.