A Little More Info on Brands

I wrote this post to provide a little more information on the range of brands that are available today so that you can choose the one that works best for your needs.


Notorious yard equipment and tool brand. They have a reputation for providing high-quality products that are reliable and last. Their product designs are based on functionality and comfortability to ease the hard work involved.

Chances are, you or someone you know has a Black+Decker item that they use and rely on in their home. Black+Decker also has a great limited warranty program for their items as they guarantee the quality and are confident with the performance of their products.


known for making top quality cordless and electrical products with high performance. They are committed to providing healthier environmental lawn care options while ensuring there is no health sacrifice from you. They have a reputation for making quality products that are energy star approved and follow strict guidelines from the EPA. Their commitment to helping the environment guarantees that your home and children will be safe when you use their products.


Winner of the Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Award for its quality and innovation of power and performance. They are often a choice for at home DIY jobs and offer a great line of products that cover an array of to-do chores around the home. They pride themselves on offering superior technology while providing value with each contemporary design.

EGO Power+

A great brand for yard maintenance tools because they provide products that have been designed and engineered with preservation of the environment in mind. Their products are high powered and ensure the same torque-quality as a gas powered machine without the noise, upkeep, and pollution. Their company prides themselves on providing industry-leading technology to provide quality products that aren’t matched by other electrical products. They also have a great warranty program that ensures top quality in every aspect of purchasing one of their pieces of equipment.


A brand committed to providing top quality products that don’t affect the air quality. Their company dates back to 120 years ago and have a rich history in the yard maintenance profession. They are known for being the “clean air choice” in America and expect to provide nothing less.


A trusted and innovative home improvement company that prides themselves on longevity being founded in 1943, they have quickly found themselves innovators of the tool industry.

Sun Joe

A great eco brand that solely focuses on providing specialized quality products with no emissions that are affordable. They offer a variety of products ranging from manual, cordless, and electric to fit any of your outdoor chore needs. Their focus on designing high-quality items doesn’t go unnoticed and they believe in craftsmanship that lasts.

In Summary

The way you handle your lawn mower determines how long it will serve you. Make sure you take time to clean the oil filter, change spark plugs and perform other maintenance tasks. These tasks vary from one lawnmower to the next, which is why you need to use the user guide that comes with the lawn mower to make the necessary changes.