DIY Luke started off as merely a passion project among us. We all came from different backgrounds, careers and had different positions in life, however, all of us were extremely passionate about home improvement and were handymen of a sort at home.

We were glad to help others who wanted to join in and do DIY home improvement themselves. We educated friends, family, neighbors and realized it might just be something we’re good at. More importantly, we realized it may be something people need.

We noticed there was a lack of proper, quality content for people like us when we just started out, who were enthusiastic about home improvement but didn’t have all the necessary skills and tools just yet. This is why we resolved to help them learn.

At first, we didn’t know where to start, or really what to do, which is when we came up with the idea for DIYLuke. We thought that if we could collect expert-proven, tried and tested content all on one platform, it would be something that would help DIY enthusiasts all over the world. We expanded a bit from just the interior improvement, and now our content spans appliances, gardening tools, and a myriad of other subjects which we wouldn’t have even thought of at DIYLuke’s inception.

Along the way we’ve learned that people were indeed in need of DIY tips and that the interest spanned much more than simple things, and we expanded onto more complex topics. We started dealing with lists, reviews and generally embraced our position as an authority. As the website grew, we’ve made sure that we only published articles from experts, those that were DIY enthusiasts first, writers second.

We’ve even moved away from just home improvement, today we publish content about anything related to home management. From DIY tips to top lists of tools and appliances we’re trying to be the ultimate blog for home improvement, management, and DIY.

In the future, we hope that we can keep bringing you only the top quality content in these areas and that we’ll prove worthy of your trust on these matters. We’ll keep expanding not only the themes we are exploring but also the depth of our content. We will expand our content into more niches so that we can provide you, our reader, a one-stop-shop of the most high-quality articles in home improvement.

Our end goal is to provide you, the reader, with a complete guide capable of filling all your home-related needs. We want DIYLuke to be the one site you visit before making a decision. We want to revolutionize the home improvement and DIY world and show you just how much better life is when you’re in charge of your own decisions regarding your home. No more will you need to pay repairmen, plumbers or electricians, because DIYLuke has you covered.