Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

Best Cordless Mower – GreenWorks 25302

If you are looking for a lawn mower that is effortless, quiet, and environmentally friendly, this cordless electric lawn mower is for you for many reasons.

This lawn mower uses the same power as the corded electric lawn mower to give complete yard care satisfaction, without the fuss of having to fight a cord or having to maintain a gas powered engine.

It comes with a high powered 40-volt battery that also powers other multiple yard tools for a simple and complete lawn care system.  It includes 2 different strength batteries that are appropriate for large and small jobs:  14AH battery, 12AH battery, and a charger. Automatic battery switchover pulls power from the second battery once the first is depleted to eliminate downtime.

The 20-inch cutting deck offers a great balance of maneuverability and cutting capacity making it ideal for mid-sized yards. Innovative Smart Cut Technology adjusts for power or runtime based on the thickness of your grass.

Dual blades offer better cut quality, superior mulching, and bagging capabilities.

Overall, this lawn mower is a fantastic choice for the best cordless electric lawn mower. It has great features and is easy to use.

It Has Innovative Smart Cut Technology

The GreenWorks 25302 G-MAX 40V Twin Force 20-inch Cordless Lawn Mower is an excellent choice because it is built with innovative smart cut technology to determine the battery runtime based on the thickness of your grass and determines how much power needs to be used. This is a great feature because this technology automatically corrects the power output based on grass thickness sensing.

This also helps in lowering the battery charging times, so you can cut more with quick efficiency, with less downtime in between each battery charging. This feature cannot be matched by other cordless electric lawn mowers and makes this mower an easily top-rated pick.

Quality Built, and Light Weight

This mower is one that is quality built and lightweight. Even though it is rated to be one of the quietest lawn machines,  the top quality design and build make it long lasting and built for high performance. The lightweight design makes it easy to push and since it determines the power needed, the extra work to maintain your yard is no longer necessary. The concern that it does not have a drive train for the front wheels is nonexistent based on the 40% lighter design than a gas powered mower. Being that this mower is light, it gives a fresh take on what maneuverability really is.

What Makes This Mower the Best?

With all the power and control this cordless electric lawn mower has, you will be certain that this is the lawn mower for you. Its 20-inch cutting deck, the lightweight design, 2  batteries designed for varied levels of power, and dual blades will make your experience in cutting grass easy and effortless. The sleek design makes for an easy lawn cutting experience because of the heavy-duty performance it offers. Not to mention, the option to choose a 3 or 4-year warranty provides great confidence that this mower is certain to last for years. The quality performance of this lawn mower makes it hard to beat.


EGO Power Cordless Lawn Mower

Runner-Up – EGO Power+

The EGO Power+ Cordless Lawn Mower is perfect for those heavy duty lawn cutting jobs that other cordless mowers just can’t do. It does come with various deck size options and provides power for yards of all sizes equivalent to that of a gas powered lawn mower. It can mow up to two miles on a single charge. It also folds quickly and easily for compact, upright storage when you are finished with it and it’s weather-resistance construction also adds to the rugged, heavy-duty look of this top quality cordless mower. This mower is a great option all around and let’s not forget the EGO 5-year warranty and the separate three-year warranty on the batteries.

BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Cordless Mower

Second Runner-Up – Black+Decker CM2040

Black and Decker is a popular choice for home improvement and yard management tools, and for good reason. This model includes 2 2.5 aH 40-volt max lithium batteries for extended cutting time. It also has a 20-inch cutting deck for a larger cutting path and it includes a 6-setting height adjustment for 1 1-2 inches up to 4 inches high.

Added features provide multiple options for grass collecting. You can side discharge, mulch your grass, or collect it in the 15-gallon nylon bag that comes standard with this mower. Despite that it is not self-propelling, it matches up to its competitors with ease.

Earthwise Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Third Runner-Up – Earthwise 60217

 Earthwise is a company that has been around for 120 years. Withstanding the years and watching competitors come and go, Earthwise has made its stake in the lawn care business as a solid and trusted company. The Earthwise 60217 17-Inch Cordless Electric Lawn Mower is considerably smaller than the other options listed, but don’t let that discount from its abilities. It allows for 2-in-1 side discharge and mulching capability and has single lever height adjustments ranging from 1 1/2-inch to 4-inches that is a breeze to adjust. The easy lift out battery makes for convenient charging and the 7-inch easy roll composite wheels make pushing this mower a breeze and a fierce competitor in your options for a cordless electric lawn mower.