Best Diesel Portable Generators

Put quite simply, this machine is a beast and the features it has reflected that. This generator runs off of diesel, and it uses a Yanmar LW series 435cc air-cooled direct injection engine to power all of your devices. It uses True Power Technology to help provide less than 5% of total harmonic distortion for the clean running of the smaller and more sensitive electronics, as well as being able to power the bigger items thanks to its mighty 12-gallon fuel tank and a long run time of 32.4 hours on a 50% load! This generator can pump out a mighty 5,000 watts when it is running, but even though it has a lot of power behind it, the noise reduction technology ensures that you should not be waking the neighbors up!

Size, weight, and more

Generac 6864, 5000 Running WattsFrom first glance, you would assume that this generator is large and rather heavy, and you would be right. It weighs a hefty 254 pounds, and its measurements are 22.5 x 33.1 x 25.6 inches, but when a machine is this powerful this large shell is only to be expected. This machine may be a little bigger than some of its competitors, but to fit in all of the clever technology that has been placed inside of it, the team at Generac had no other choice!

The most positive elements of this machine

This is a serious portable generator for people who need a lot of power and this shows in how impressive it is. It has been built with top of the range materials, designed to last for a very long time, and the Yanmar diesel motor is one of the best that money can buy. The fuel tank on this beast is also a lot bigger than most of its rivals, and being able to hold up to 12 gallons of diesel at a time means that it is able to run for a lot longer too!

And does it has any not so good points?

The only negative thing that can be said about this generator is its size. It is a very heavy unit coming in at 254 pounds, but there is not a lot that can be done about this as it is so packed with the latest and greatest in generator technology. Whilst this is technically a portable generator, you may be best off ordering a wheel kit for it to help you transport it around to wherever you need it to be.

Can you summarize it all for me?

This is a generator for those people who are looking to create a serious amount of power. It may be slightly larger and a lot heavier than its closest rivals, but this added bulk means that the team at Generac have been able to create what is easily one of the best portable generators available today. Just be sure to order that wheel kit too, or you’ll have to head down to the gym!

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Pulsar PG7000D Portable GeneratorRunner-Up #1 – Pulsar PG7000D Portable Generator

For the slightly more budget conscious amongst you, the Pulsar is still enough of a heavy duty machine to get the job done, but it will do slightly less damage to your bank account in the process.

This diesel powered generator runs off of a 4-stroke OHV air-cooled engine, and with a maximum output of 5,500 watts, it is able to tackle almost any task you throw at it. This generator is also quite portable with the wheelset that is included in the package helping you to move it from A to B with ease.

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DuroMax XP10000EH Portable GeneratorRunner-Up #2 – DuroMax XP10000EH Portable Generator

This DuroMax machine is one of the most versatile generators on the market today and the combination of its portability, its 8,000 watts of power, and its abundance of safety features including an advance oil warning light and circuit breaker make it a seriously good little machine.

It is small enough to be taken from location to location too, so if you are looking for a compact one this could be the generator for you.

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