My name is Todd, and I’d like to welcome you to our garbage disposal section! You’re probably wondering, “what could have possibly compelled someone to start up a website dedicated to garbage disposals?”.

Well, in all honesty, I’ll tell you that it wasn’t my first love in life – although that should be pretty obvious! I have a very special place in my heart for garbage disposals, because every single time I find myself needing to dispose of some rather potent garbage.

I used to struggle almost every single day when it came to dealing with the stench hovering in my kitchen, it got to the point where I felt as if it was truly unbearable, hence my decision to set up this site.

My Top Garbage Disposal Picks

Everybody has their favorites, no matter what kind of product it happens to be. This is a section that’s going to cover a few of my favorite garbage disposal picks, most of which will apply to you in one way or another. There is a garbage disposer out there for all of us, it’s just a matter of finding the right one based on our needs. Take a look at my top picks and see if any of them are exactly what you’re looking for, as I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case. As I said, I’ve been researching garbage disposals for quite some time now.

InSinkErator Evolution garbage disposerBest Garbage Disposal Today

If the price isn’t a concern of yours, you should always strive to be purchasing the best garbage disposal you can.

It’s going to cost a little more money, but the InSinkErator Evolution garbage disposer with ¾ HP is a thing of beauty.

The SoundSeal technology makes it so that you won’t be constantly hearing the vibrations and sound that the disposal lets off, and the MultiGrind technology is implemented – there are two different stages of grinding to go through!

Check the price on

Yescom 1 HP 3200 RPM Garbage DisposerBest Continues Feed Garbage Disposer

If you’re looking for an affordable garbage disposer, the Yescom 1 HP 3200 RPM garbage disposal with continues feed just might be the product you seek.

It doesn’t cost over $100, and that means it’s an affordable alternative for those that are shopping on a budget.

It comes in both black and silver and has more than enough power to grind up anything you may need ground – keep in mind that’s it’s one of the “cheaper” varieties you could be using.

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American Standard high torque 1.25HPBest “High Torque” Garbage Disposal

High torque garbage disposals are the ones that many households use because it allows for them to have much more grinding power than normal.

I’d highly recommend making use of the American Standard high torque 1.25HP waste disposer, as the extra .25 portion of horsepower (most other garbage disposers are going to only have 1.0 HP included) can make a pretty drastic difference.

It cuts sharply and with haste, which means there will be no need for your garbage disposal to take a few runs in order to rid your kitchen of the trash.

Check the price on

The Rundown

Understanding why you want to choose a specific garbage disposer isn’t always easy, and if you aren’t an expert, odds are you’re just looking at them with a scrunched look on your face. There is an abundance of different traits you should be looking at when it comes to garbage disposals, and that’s why I’m here – because sharing is caring! I want to help you out wherever possible, so take note of these different garbage disposal traits to think about:

Motor Power – If your garbage disposal isn’t powerful enough, it won’t be able to handle the amount of garbage that you would like. Make sure that the garbage disposal you have decided to ultimately go with is capable of tackling your needs because weak garbage disposal isn’t something you want to use every day of the week (or maybe it is, whatever floats your boat). Most garbage disposals will have at least 1.0 horsepower included with the motor, the RPM count will play a major part in your purchase as well.

Price – We aren’t all millionaires, and that means the price of a garbage disposer should be looked at before you decide to buy it (as if that wasn’t obvious enough!). If you’re Bill Gates, you probably have no need to take a look at the price tag, but I very seriously doubt you’re Bill Gates. Be smart and look at the price of certain garbage disposals, some are going to cost more than others, but odds are they’ll have a lot more to offer you when it comes to benefits.

Sizing – You’ll need to buy a garbage disposer according to your septic tank size (if you’re using a septic system, and many households are), failing to do so could result in the tank itself not having enough space to store all of your “leftovers”.

Efficiency – Is the garbage disposal going to grind up chicken bones like no tomorrow? You need to understand how efficient a garbage disposer is going to be because it’s kind of embarrassing at times when it malfunctions. It’s almost like the equipment you’ve invested so much towards is just laughing in your face!

These are just some of the many traits that should be looked at when shopping for a garbage disposer if only I knew this information when I initially started my search; it would have probably saved me a week or two of thoroughly researching these things.

Recommended Cleaning Product For Your Garbage Disposer

I would say that taking care of the actual disposal itself is a very big deal, because why would you pay all of that money, just to have it malfunction? You need to maintain your garbage disposal, and that’s done through the use of disposal cleaners. With Glisten Disposer Care, all you’ve got to worry about is getting this product down the drain – the rest of the magic will be taken care of by the foamy goodness that pops up out of your disposal! It’s used to remove any stuck on debris that might be clogging your disposal, as well as for general upkeep needs.

Different Types of Garbage Disposers Explained

There are two major types of garbage disposals for you to purchase, and understanding the difference between the two could save you an abundance of cash. I used to think that garbage disposal was the exact same, regardless of the brand or model number that it was sporting. Boy, was I wrong! If you can figure out what type of garbage disposal one happens to be, you should be able to figure out whether it’s going to be a snug fit for your sink.

Continuous Feed Type Garbage Disposals

These are the garbage disposals that you see most often, and although they are much trickier to actually install, they’re going to handle the job much more efficiently in the long run. All you’ve got to do is throw your waste into the disposal as you please, and it should grind everything up with ease (would you look at that, I’m a rapper now!).

Positives: They’re the easiest disposals that you could use, mainly because you don’t have to worry about anything besides putting the garbage itself in it.

Negatives: You can’t install them yourself since there’s no power cord included within this set-up – you would have to have an electrician come in and work everything out for you. There’s also a very big risk that scraps may fly out, which is why you should be careful and never grind too much up at a time. Chicken bones can hurt pretty bad when they’re flying out of garbage disposal at high speeds!

Batch-Feed Type Garbage Disposals

These aren’t continuous feed garbage disposals, and you have to load up the disposal itself before you press a button in order to get grinding. It’s these kinds of disposals that you see quite frequently in movies and such, and it’s clearly the safer option of the two choices. You operate it yourself, as opposed to just letting it run whenever it pleases.

Positives: It’s much safer, and if you’ve got a household with little kids inside, you’ll really want to use this one (as opposed to continuous feed disposal). You can also set this one up by yourself, you won’t need a professional to come in and manage all of that for you.

Negatives: It isn’t as efficient as the continuous feed types, because you can’t just walk up to your sink and throw something in. You’ve got to actually load everything up and got through the process manually – they also cost a little more cash when compared to the continuous feed models.

Additional Information – Stuff You Should Know!

There is obviously going to be extra tidbits of information that I’ve picked up during my research, and while they may not apply to you right now, knowing more and more about garbage disposals never hurt anyone. With the information I’m sharing in this section, you should know just about everything there is to know about garbage disposals. With the right frame of mind, you’ll be able to sift through all of the garbage disposals currently available on the market, only stopping to purchase the one you feel is “perfect” in every way.

Garbage Disposal Switches (Also Known as “Connections”)

These are the things that turn on your garbage disposal. Most disposals are going to be connected at the bottom of a sinks regular drain – it’s supposed to be a very seamless and easy connection, but sometimes that isn’t the case. When this happens, you’ll have to make use of an “adapter kit”, as it will allow you to use your garbage disposal as it was originally intended. Disposals have to be either hard-wired into an electrical connection, or simply be plugged into a 120-volt outlet (or receptacle, it depends on where you’re located).

Conclusion / Summary

Hopefully, I was able to help you in at least one facet of buying the right garbage disposal, now get out there and see what you can find! Remember all of the tips and tricks I’ve listed here, and if you haven’t read the entirety of this post, you’re missing out.

Garbage disposal shopping has never been this easy, but there’s no need to thank me – I’d like to think of myself as a relatively humble guy.