Best Infrared Radiant Heaters

Holmes Tower Heater HQH307-NURadiant heat gives you warmth where you need it. Today, there are radiant heaters that use propane, ceramic, traditional heating coils, and infrared heating elements to do the job effectively. For those who develop sore throats and feel stuffy in dry air, the radiant heaters of the past have caused problems as they dry the air around them. Finding and buying an infrared radiant heater solves this problem; the infrared quartz heating elements heat without taking the moisture out of the air.

I’ve researched the best and the worst infrared radiant heaters available and narrowed the list down to one winner and four contenders. My list focuses on the different uses of each heater, outlining their pros and cons to give you a picture of what is on the market. Use this list to find a radiant heater that fits all of your indoor heating needs; there are options for indoor-outdoor spaces, bedrooms, large living rooms, and small kitchens and dens.

Holmes Tower Heater

The HQH307-NU from Holmes is at the top of the list for the best infrared radiant heaters for its heating capacity. A quality radiant heater that does its job well, the unit has many features that stand out amongst the crowd. The durable machine effectively heats the area around it, giving you the warmth you need on cold nights or in drafty spaces. The model’s safety features make it worry-free, automatic shut off switches kick in if it gets too hot or is tipped over. Other features that put it ahead of the rest include its efficiency; it can save you up to 40 percent on your electric bill in lieu of traditional radiant heaters.

The tower uses infrared quartz heating elements to heat the immediate vicinity around it. The infrared system uses less energy than the outdated methods of other brands and models. The HQH307-NU is great for small spaces like a bathroom or den.

Just the Right Settings

The two heat settings are programmed right. The high setting reaches a warm to a hot temperature that can help thaw pipes, and the low setting is gentle enough to gradually heat a bathroom or kitchen to a comfortable temperature. The HQH307-NU’s safety features make using it unsupervised or in high traffic areas worry free. If the unit goes above a factory programmed temperature, it switches off. If a pet accidentally tips the tower over, an internal sensor cuts the power.

Other areas where the HQH307-NU shine is when its used to heat an indoor-outdoor porch, in a garage or greenhouse during the cold seasons, and when used for supplemental heat.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the radiant heater from Holmes is that it can be noisy. The internal fan focuses gusts of heat into the surrounding cool air effectively. Unfortunately, in the process, it rattles and vibrates; making it unsuitable for bedrooms or areas where noise is a factor.

The Bottom Line

This radiant heater is on the top of the list for its effectiveness when used in small spaces. Its high and low settings deliver the right amount of heat; managing to keep the snow at bay in an unenclosed space, or gradually keep a small bedroom or bathroom warm. The heaters safety functions hit their marks, giving peace of mind to those who worry about fire or accidents.

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First Runner-Up: Sunbeam Electric Tower Quartz Heater

Sunbeam Electric Tower Quartz HeaterJust missing the top spot, the quartz infrared tower heater from Sunbeam has a dual dial control that puts it ahead of the other runner-ups.

Each dial gives you the heat you need; one for the thermostat and one for the temperature setting. Using this system, gradual changes in temperature are set, making small changes that give you more comfort.

This is the radiant heater for small spaces and living areas, but not those where children play unsupervised as it gets hot during operation.

Although this is the case, the small holes in the heating face make it safe for pets. Its safety features cut the juice if it’s knocked over or overheats, and it’s a great fit for high traffic areas.

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Second Runner-Up: Heat Storm Sahara Quartz Heater

Heat Storm Sahara Quartz HeaterSecond in the running for runner-ups, the quartz heater from Sahara features a heat exchanger that uses the humidity in the room to offset the dry air that usually accompanies radiant heaters.

The unit is lightweight and quiet, making it ideal for a small to medium sized bedroom.  Another feature that puts it on my list is its power saving mode; the Sahara will switch to half power once the thermostat hits the desired temperature.

For those who want constant radiant heat and efficiency, this is the model for you.

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Third Runner-Up: Lifesmart 8 Element Large Room Heater

Lifesmart 8 Element Large Room HeaterComing in third on the list of runner-ups for its capacity to heat large spaces, the eight element model from Lifesmart efficiently provides radiant heat to multiple rooms.

Features include an eco-setting that cuts down on the amount of power used and a child lock that prevents your kids from hitting the wrong button.

My choice for those who want to evenly heat a lofty living room or drafty kitchen, the Lifesmart 8 element also works well in one bedroom apartments. The heater comes with an attractive, finished wood sheath and a handy remote.

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The Final Say

My recommendation for the best all-around radiant infrared heater, the tower heater from Holmes, ticks all the right boxes for its versatility. The unit works well in small indoor spaces like bathrooms and kitchens and is great for keeping the elements at bay in an indoor-outdoor setting. The unit’s safety features give it an added edge; allowing for unsupervised use in high traffic areas.