The Best Infrared Room Heaters

Portable infrared room heaters make the chill of drafty spaces a thing of the past; efficiently heating a bedroom, office, or living room without having to extensively remodel or install a new furnace. A far cry from the glowing electric coils of the past and the noisy fans that rattled in the dark; these heaters are quit, safe, and cool. Using infrared technology, the heaters quickly warm up the immediate vicinity of the areas where they are placed.

Today’s makes and models use a variety of techniques to provide comfort. Some combine infrared and convection heaters, and others have air filters for those who suffer from allergies. I’ve put together a list of the three best-infrared room heaters that take the hassle out of digging through pages of websites. Check out the top contenders below.

Dr. Infrared Heater DR 968H

Dr. Infrared Heater DR 968HThe DR 968 is ahead of the game when it comes to using the best technology available. The attractive machine uses infrared heat to quickly warm the areas surrounding it, and ceramic heating elements and a convection fan to circulate warm air to the corners of a room. Using the dual heating system, the Dr. Infrared Heater gives you the most bang for your buck, efficiently heating any room and saving you money.

The DR 968 has three different settings; auto, low, and high. When set on auto, you program a thermostat and let the machine adjust to keep a constant temperature throughout the room. The exterior is sheathed in wood and is cool to the touch with the exception of the front metal grill.

The infrared heater has two major safety features to take the worry out of leaving it running for long periods of time. There is an automatic shut off feature that cuts the power if the heater gets too hot, and a tip-over shut off if it is knocked on its side.

Dual Heating System

The infrared system consists of one quartz heating element, instead of the four that other heaters use to warm a room. This cuts back on the amount of power needed and saves up to 60 percent of costs on electricity as a result.  The powerful heater uses a ceramic and fan system to take up the slack.

The ceramic heating elements are more efficient than traditional coils and last longer while doing a better job. The Dr. Infrared Heater’s fan is quiet, using a powerful ball bearing system to spread and circulate air around the room. The ceramic elements have a lifespan of 80,000 hours, the heater’s longevity years ahead of the competition.

The major complaint about this heater has to do with its thermostat and automatic temperature control. Once set, the DR 968 is supposed to switch between the high and the low settings and even turn off to maintain a constant temperature. Users state that the machine can’t keep a constant temperature and that it turns on and off at random. Another complaint is that the machine’s fan runs constantly, there isn’t a switch to turn it off and just use the infrared system.

The Final Say

The Dr. Infrared Heater is a great heater for rooms that need the dual power of the quartz infrared and ceramic heating elements. The features, including remote control, make it an easy-to-use, efficient heater for small to medium spaces. When used with care, this machine does a better job than similar models while using less energy.

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Runner Up #1 – Ryzen Pro Portable Infrared Quartz Heater

Ryzen Pro Portable Infrared Quartz HeaterThe H-5000 from Ryzen follows close behind the Dr. Infrared Heater, quietly heating bedroom with quartz infrared technology. It is ideal for bedrooms as its quiet fan is barely audible, and its lockable control pad makes it safe for a kid’s room.

The model from Ryzen has three different heat settings; high, low, and an auto-eco mode. The latter constantly keeps a room at one temperature, cycling between the high and low modes to efficiently heat any space. The heater also comes with a timer for those who wake up cold in the middle of the night or hot in the morning.

The top complaints about this heater are that the fan isn’t powerful enough, the timer is complicated to use, and that the quartz heating elements dry the air around the unit. Despite this, the heater does a good job in bedrooms, and its safety features make it great for spaces with kids or where it can be knocked over.

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Runner Up #2 – Lifesmart Pro Infrared Quartz Heater

Lifesmart Pro Infrared Quartz HeaterSecond, on the list for its ability to heat large rooms, the Lifesmart Pro delivers when heating spaces up to 1400 square feet. The heater’s six quartz elements quickly warm up the cool air around the machine, and its wood case stays cool to the touch on the outside.

The 17-inch high heater is equipped with multiple heating settings; including an eco-mode, which keeps the air temperature at 68 degrees.

Other features include safety shut-offs and caster wheels for easy moving. The closed system of the heating elements doesn’t affect the moisture in the air, making it a great choice for those with allergies.

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Runner Up #3 – iLIVING Infrared Space Heater

iLIVING Infrared Portable Space HeaterComing up at the rear is the infrared and ceramic heater from iLiving. Like the Dr. Infrared Heater, this model uses a combination of ceramic infrared heating elements and infrared quartz elements. The heater’s infrared system heats the area around it, delivering warmth without drying the air. The ceramic and fan system circulates warm air past the immediate vicinity, efficiently heating small to medium spaces.

The model from iLiving has an electronic thermostat, automatic shut off safety features, and comes with a remote. The unit can heat a space up to 1000 square feet and is easily moved on its castor wheels.

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The Final Word

All the infrared heaters on my list are at the top of their game when heating rooms. The Dr. Infrared Heater DR 968 takes the top spot for its versatility and efficiency, using two kinds of heating systems to get the job done. It’s worth the investment as the ceramic heating technology is long lasting and will keep your home or office warm for years after other models have been replaced.