Best Infrared Space Heaters

Best Infrared Space HeatersYou feel that outside? The cold breeze and winter chill make your body shiver and you’re reminded of how much you appreciate the heat. Unless you live down South, you know exactly what I am talking about. However, do you have a good heater/heaters in your home? Even if you do, you should really consider investing in the Dr. Infrared Heater. The biggest advantage to using this heater (just like other infrared heaters) is it uses infrared heating. The difference? Infrared heating, as opposed to other heaters, heats all of the objects in the room and instantaneously makes you feel comfortably warm.

The Dr. Infrared Heater also uses a dual-heating system which provides a maximum heat transfer rate. What happens is this heater combines the infrared heat that I alluded to along with convection heat. This gives you the absolute best heating experience possible and eliminates any potential cold and hot spots throughout the room.

The Power

With this being an electric infrared heater, there are multiple power settings that you can choose from Auto, Low (1000W) and High (1500W). The auto setting will allow you to choose your desired temperature from 50 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. As soon as you do this, the thermostat will regulate the heater and it will cycle on and off to maintain the temperature. I imagine that under most circumstances you are going to want to choose the high setting. This is because this setting will heat up the room the fastest (to whatever you set your desired temperature too). All of these settings can be changed via an included IR remote control, as well.

Quiet and Efficient

You will most likely be wondering if you ever turned the Dr. Infrared Heater on due to its lack of noise. The state-of-the-art seven-inch blower manages to generate insane amounts of pressure while staying whisper quiet. In my opinion, though, the unquestionable best aspect to this heater is its efficiency.

Thanks to the aforementioned blower, this heater is able to create an average of 250 degrees at 3.5 m/s. However, it doesn’t make your electric bill skyrocket. The Dr. Infrared Heater was also built to last an astonishing 80,000 hours when in operation. If you do the math, you will find out this can heat a room in your house for 3,333 days. That is if you have the heater running non-stop. Let’s just say you run it (in the winter) for around eight hours a day. This would mean you would run it around 1200 hours a year, which puts you at 66 years! See where I am getting at?

The Range can be an Issue

I am not going to act like this is perfect because there is a minor drawback. If you want this heater to heat your entire house, then you will probably need more than one. The range of the Dr. Infrared Heater can be frustrating at times and may not be best for huge rooms. However, even if you have to buy two I would head over to Amazon and buy it because you won’t find a much better-infrared heater on the market.

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Runner-up #1: Homegear Pro Infrared Space Heater

Homegear 1500W Infrared Electric Portable Space HeaterWe now come to the infrared heaters that weren’t quite as good as the Dr. Infrared Heater, but will still more than suffice.

The Homegear Pro is also an infrared heater that uses a dual heating system; which means it’s also extremely efficient.

Although the interface is not as easy to see as the Dr. Infrared Heater, it still has a LED display that shows you the current temperature.

This heater is also ETL certified eliminating any health concerns.

Much like the space heater from Dr. Infrared Heater, the Homegear Pro can struggle at times with large rooms. There are also times that it heats very slowly.

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Runner-up #2: Lifesmart Lifelux Infrared Deluxe Wood Cabinet

Lifesmart Lifelux Infrared Deluxe Wood CabinetFrom the title alone, you can probably tell why this heater is on the list. The incredible wood cabinet design will fit beautifully in your home and is very cool to the touch. That being said, it’s also very functional.

There are three different heat settings with a 12-hour start and stop-timer. It also includes eight of the company’s infrared elements, along with an air filter that can be removed for cleaning.

One important aspect to keep in mind with the Lifelux is it can be an energy sucker.

Although it uses practically the same wattage as the Dr. Infrared Heater, it’s not quite as efficient.

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Runner-up #3: Lifezone 20 Tower Infrared Heater

Lifezone 20 Infrared HeaterIf you are only looking for a basic infrared heater, then you might want to check out the Lifezone 20. There is a manual thermostat that has two different heat settings (high/low and fan-mode), which will go up to 1500 watts of heat.

The design, which is a black metal cabinet with a wood base, is very lightweight and it allows you to easily move the heater from one room to the next.

There isn’t anything wrong with this heater, but it simply won’t heat as well as the Dr. Infrared Heater. As previously mentioned, though, this is absolutely perfect if you are looking to heat a small room (such as a bedroom).

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The Dr. Infrared Heater is Indeed the Doc

Looking past the fact that this heater won’t heat an area of astronomical size, I can’t recommend a better-infrared heater than the Dr. Infrared Heater. Its state-of-the-art efficiency which allows it to run for years, heat settings that allow you to choose various temperatures, a dual-heating system that provides the best heat possible, and certification from Underwriter Laboratories for the utmost safety are all I need to convince you to invest in this.

To do this, it’s as easy as heading over to and typing “Dr. Infrared Heater” in the search box or by simply clicking this link. With the cold fast approaching (and for some already here), the time is now to ensure that each room in your house is properly heated. So, what are you waiting for?