Best InSinkerator Garbage Disposals

Have you ever had this happen?  You come home, fix dinner, scrape off the dinner plates, flip the switch and…nothing.  What is this?  The garbage disposal has died. NO!  Well, now what?  Now, it’s time to get the garbage disposal of your dreams, (if you dream about this type of thing).

The #1 rated garbage disposal is the InSinkerator Evolution Excel!

InSinkerator Evolution ExcelThis garbage disposal is rated highest in its class.  It is the best garbage disposal unit by far, both for its motor size and price point.  Getting ready for holiday time?  Don’t be afraid to put this disposal through its paces after an eleven-course meal!  Clean up time will be a snap, and just in time for family napping…err…game time.  Just remember, no bones!

This unit is great for large and small families, it is a workhorse! The Excel unit features a 1 HP motor, a three-stage grinder, SoundSeal Technology, and has a whopping 40 oz. container size!  It has a stainless steel body for added strength, a 3-stage multi-grinding wheel with 360-degree steel swivel impellers and a steel shredder ring to finely grind food for optimum and easy disposal, auto-reverse, Jam-Sensor Technology, and ultimate, raw power.   It also has a quick mounting system for easier installation and connects to an electrical switch for easy operation.  Finally, it comes with a 7-year in-home warranty.  Maintenance is a breeze with the Excel.  Simply throw down some ice cubes with cold running water, turn it on and voila, sharpened blades!  This unit is great for large and small families, it is a workhorse! Also, offers garbage disposal cleaning packs that work great with this model.

But I don’t want to clean or wake up Uncle Fred!

We hear you!  We came up with a wonderful feature called SoundSeal Technology.  This technology combines up to four separate components to reduce the sound up to 40% more than the other disposals.  Using this technology, along with another feature of Continuous Feed, allows for constant grinding while scraping all the dishes into the disposal.  So, the quicker you can feed your disposal, and the quieter it is, you’ll have the family wondering if you cleaned up at all!

Is it big enough to handle my family’s needs?

InSinkerator knows different families have different needs.  Depending on how you use it, what you put in it, how often and if you take care of it, then this disposal will do everything it should to keep your kitchen clean.  The stainless steel construction of the body, impellers and wheels makes for a strong unit, being able to withstand just about anything you put in it.  The unit is only 13.5 inches tall, so it should fit under any standard sink.  Overall, the Evolution Excel is the best option for you and your family’s garbage disposal needs for its class.

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First Runner-up – InSinkerator Evolution Essential XTR

InSinkerator Evolution Essential XTRJust a little bit smaller than the Excel, this Continuous Feed Essential is still a workhorse in the garbage disposal world.  It offers a 34.6 oz. grinding chamber, continuous food feed, a 0.75 HP motor with 1725 RPMs, galvanized steel components and stainless steel construction to keep it tough.

It features the SoundSeal Technology for noise reduction and the same electrical switch connection for easy operation.  This unit also features a Sink Top switch, offering a push button starter than the standard flip switch.

Sizing in at 12.25 inches tall, this is great for standard under-sinks, and with all the power!  However, since it has a smaller chamber, don’t forget to make food sizes a little smaller to keep it running efficiently.  Customers are raving about this disposal, saying “This thing is rock solid! Built to last! The noise is much lower than expected and gets the job done efficiently”.  For a little bit smaller size, the InSinkerator Evolution Essential XTR is the way to go.

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Second Runner-up – InSinkerator Evolution Compact

InSinkerator Evolution CompactIn the second runner-up spot, we have the Evolution Compact garbage disposal.  This disposal runs on a 0.75 HP motor with 1725RPMs to grind food to a pulp and send down the drain.  It also features a stainless steel grinding wheel, 360-degree swivel impellers and a steel shredding wheel.

The stainless steel construction and sound insulation reduce noise while staying strong.  The Evolution Compact offers the quick mounting system and needs to be connected to an electric switch for easy operating.

Measuring in at 12 inches tall, this little workhorse can handle all of your disposal needs at a great price point.  One customer commented how easy it was to install and how effective it was in doing its job.  “Not as quiet as my other disposal, but for the ease of hook-up how often it gets used, this was a great deal!”

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Third Runner-up – InSinkerator Badger 1 Garbage Disposal

InSinkerator Badger 1 Garbage DisposalOnce again, InSinkerator offers the Badger 1, one tough little unit. Coming in at a full 0.33 HP, this basic unit is great for smaller families and apartments.

This unit features a galvanized grinding wheel, continuous feed, galvanized construction and noise reduction insulation.  This unit reduces noise up to 60% compared to other standard motors in its class.

It has the standard quick mounting system and connection to an electrical switch.  Even though this unit is small, the power behind it still makes it great garbage disposal.  Customers absolutely love this product!

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With all of the different choices, which one do you choose?  Make sure you choose a product that does the job with your kitchen clean-up needs.  The InSinkerator Evolution Excel is the #1 rated brand for overall grinding capacity, stainless steel construction, noise reduction and ease of use.  The InSinkerator brand has stood the test of time, proving it can get the job done, along with offering great warranties and customer satisfaction.   So, the next time you need to hold the holiday get together, you have to feed the growing football team, or decide to remodel your entire kitchen, get the InSinkerator Evolution Excel garbage disposal for overall performance.  You won’t regret it!