The Best Kitchen Degreaser in 2019

You don’t have to be the family cook in order to notice all of the sticky, black greases that can build up around your kitchen. This type of clean up task usually requires a strong degreaser that can cut through the madness.

The best kitchen degreasers will successfully eliminate grease in a manner that is easiest for you. 

When Relief from Grease Is a Must

The Grease Relief Degreaser is an all-purpose grease fighter that goes to work on your behalf. It can be used effectively all over your home and is safe enough to use on your own hands. It comes out in a gel-form for tough surface cleaning.

Grease Relief DegreaserYou can get a lot of different uses out of this degreaser, and it can be your go-to choice for those sticky kitchen messes. Even if you get a tough stain on your clothing, you can give the Grease Relief a chance to get it out for you.

It is powerful enough to do away with the need to use separate cleaners for grease and surface stains, it is capable of handling all of the above.

To get the most relief from this degreaser, you will still need to put some elbow into it, or you might not love the results. It is not a spray degreaser either, so you will have to apply it directly on the surface yourself, but it does very well once used properly.

Natural and Aggressive

The Grab Green Power Degreaser is a non-toxic, biodegradable formula that is good for getting rid of nasty grease, and good for mother earth as well. You can actually cut through years of buildup and residue with this cleaner. It is always good to have a safe degreaser that is also powerful.

Grab Green Power DegreaserYou will be surprised at how this cleaner can actually melt away tough grease spots without damaging the surface. It even works on stone surfaces to get them clean. The Grab Green Degreaser can be sprayed on your hard to reach stains and it will start working on contact.

It takes a lot of trouble off of your hands when your cleaner works by itself. Add a little elbow grease to the equation and you will see how clean those old, dirty surfaces become again.

This degreaser may not be a tropical air freshener level of scent, but it smells pretty good and does its number one purpose quite well. Certain surfaces may not look as great as other when you use Grab Green, a little extra wipe-off though, and it should be good.

When You Combine Power & Purple

You know you are dealing with serious muscle when your degreaser is industrial strength. That is exactly what you get with the Purple Power degreaser. It will deliver major grease-cutting indoors or out. With this cleaner, protect your hands and skin, and then get down to some serious grease eliminating.

Purple Power degreaserTake this degreaser to the source of some deep grime, and let it get down to business. While very powerful, this cleaner actually forms a protective shield between the stain and the surface you are cleaning.

This keeps your items safe while you clean them. Even your car engine can be helped with this potent cleaner. Years of stickiness will still be broken down on contact with this one, and you can let it soak on the surface, for even more cleaning power.

This cleaner is not for play-time, it is a big-boy solution. There may be other degreasers you choose for smaller task around the house, with Purple Power, you are going to want to target bigger tasks, and that it certainly can do.

Simple and Effective

Even though it has a purple color to it, the Simple Green Heavy Duty Cleaner, tackles stains of any color. This degreaser is environmentally-friendly and a go-getter.

You have a true multi-purpose cleaner that can be used all over the house with this cleaner. Everything from your bathroom sink, to your car’s exterior, can be helped with this one.

Simple Green Heavy Duty CleanerThis degreaser really shines as a versatile cleaner that is capable of fighting grease and stains. You can even put some of this stuff in your pressure washer and start getting that old buildup on the side of your house off.

You may be surprised at the carpet-cleaning power of Simple Green, you can get those tough stains out yourself without needing a professional carpet service.

You may find yourself need more bottles of this degreaser once you see the cleaning power it holds.

Since it can handle so many different jobs, it can be your all-purpose mainstay. You may find yourself wishing that it came in a barrel so that you can go to work on your entire home.

When it’s Time to Kut the Krud Out

The Krud Kutter Concentrated Degreaser is safe, biodegradable, and strong at the same time. Its concentrated formula makes it a winner when it comes to cutting into tough grease and getting rid of it. You can also add water to it to make it gentler for smaller household needs.

Krud Kutter Concentrated DegreaserEverything from the dirt on your wooden bench, to the oil stains in your garage, can be eliminated with Krud Kutter Degreaser. You can even take it to the leather seats in your vehicle and watch it go.

This cleaner has the strength to do the bigger industrial jobs if necessary and performs very well doing it. As strong as it is, it’s still non-toxic and won’t scratch up your surfaces.

It is really good when you let it soak for a minute and cuts away at grease like it is supposed to.

To truly eliminate the toughest stains and grease, you will still have to do some scrubbing to get it just right. It may also take some time to break all the way through some of the thick grime that you have, but Krud Kutter can do the job you need to be done.


You can get a lot of your cleaning tasks done correctly with the right degreaser. Make sure you get the right solution for the job that needs to be done.

Once you have a clean surface that has been looking grimy for years, you will love the choice you made to grab a grease fighter.