Best KitchenAid Garbage Disposals

There are many garbage disposals on the market but the best and most convenient one for me is the Kitchen Aid KCDB250G 1/2 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal. I’ve found it to be extremely dependable and from Day 1 it performed exactly as I expected it to.

It’s Efficient

This KitchenAid disposal unit allows me to quickly clean up after big meals.

Kitchen Aid KCDB250G1It has a rotating motion of 1725 RPM which means it grinds and rinses food down my drain in a jiffy. It seems this grinding action is helped by the device’s galvanized steel swivel impellers and steel shredder ring which ensure that unwanted food is ground very finely. In case you’re wondering how much food the device can hold at any one time, the grind chamber has a capacity of 26 oz which makes it able to handle reasonable amounts of food.  It can also reset manually and has overload protection which serves to warn me if I mistakenly overload it.

I don’t find the KCDB250G too loud either. I can concentrate on other things as it efficiently does its business of processing food down the drain. I find that it has a very low noise level as it quietly and efficiently processes food down the drain. The steel features of the product make it corrosion-resistant and ensure its durability.

KitchenAid’s disposal unit came with an easy to use manual. It took me just 15 minutes to install the device and connect it’s sink flange and stopper to my sink. So you really don’t need a professional to do the job. This device is also easy on your pocket.

It’s Attractive Looking

I’ve found that it makes no difference whether or not I keep the cover on when the KCDB250G is running. Either way, it’s still efficient. It’s also powered by electricity but is safe and easy to use. I love its stainless silver sheen and I think it makes an attractive addition to my kitchen appliances. It’s steel content also makes for a corrosion-resistant product, and ensures its durability. I should know. I’ve had my unit for two years now. It’s also small and compact and fits neatly under my sink.

The Downside

If I had to pick a downside, I would say, the KCDB250G does not suit everyone out there – certainly not large households that eat many meals. It’s perfect for you if you’re single, are a couple without children, or if you have got a family that eats lightly. It also has only a 1-year warranty which you may find off-putting as well as the fact that not everything can be easily disposed of. I’ve found it difficult to grind out potato peels, for example. Additionally, when parts have broken down, I’ve had difficulty finding replacement parts.

Other than this, I would say this KitchenAid product is a pretty handy thing to have around, and so do others. It’s selling fast so don’t miss out.

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KitchenAid KCDS100T 1-HPRunner Up #1  – KitchenAid KCDS100T 1-HP

This is another way to quickly dispose of your food waste and maintain a clean kitchen. My sister has one. She’s had it for 2 years and is happy with it. She has a small family of three.

The’yre vegetarian and eat many light meals. You can easily add food waste to this KitchenAid disposer while it’s on and running because it has a magnificent continuous feed system.

This little gem is particularly good for foods that are stringy. It may not be suitable for a variety of different foods. The unit is able to adjust itself when it experiences problems in the grinding process.

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KitchenAid KCD1075B ¾-HPRunner Up #2 – KitchenAid KCD1075B ¾-HP

This magnificent looking KitchenAid waste disposal unit also has a 1725 per minute rotation speed to speedily grind food and enable it easily do down the drain.

It’s great for large households as It’s chamber has a generous 50 oz grinding capacity. This helps to prevent the unit from jamming. The overhead protection which allows manual reset keeps the unit from overheating.

Friends tell me that it too is durable and easy to install and that it’s one of the quietest of these garbage disposable units because it contains features which dampen the sound. Best of all, it has a 5-year warranty although it’s a little pricey.

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Kitchen Aid KBDS100T 1-HPRunner Up #3 – Kitchen Aid KBDS100T 1-HP

It’s another choice in the garbage disposable arena. My mother owns one of these. KitchenAid’s KBDS100T has all the features of other products and the sound is very muted so it’s possible to have conversations in the kitchen and still be heard! It’s called a batch disposer because it grinds you unwanted food in batches.

So it differs to its continuous feed counterparts. This may make it less efficient, and again,  it’s for households that don’t consume too much food.  If you overload the system, this could lead to jamming and bacteria getting stuck within. However, it’s much cheaper than the continuous garbage disposal devices.

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Kitchen Aid has many garbage disposal units to choose from. But I would highly recommend the Kitchen Aid KCDB250G 1/2 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal. It’s the most efficient and speedy of all these products and many people agree with me. It leaves your kitchen looking smart. It’s selling very fast. It gets the job done, so long as you follow instructions, don’t overload the system and take care of your product. I’ve had mine for two years and have a constant feeling of comfort and well-being just seeing it under my kitchen sink every morning. It’s a reassuring presence. I fully expect us to grow old together. Don’t miss out on this great product.