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Water is life, but if not pure and clean for drinking, it causes serious diseases that subsequently lead to loss of lives. Some time ago, before industrial evolution and environmental degradation, you would meet me sitting on the banks of the river with a glass of water on my hands. The water was so clear that you could see your reflection. With time, wastes from the industries, homes, and farm chemicals have thoroughly contaminated the water.

The water we drink today is entirely contaminated such that unless you boil the water or buy treated water in the containers, any attempt of seeping untreated water makes you a victim of health hazards. Luckily, water softeners have been invented to not only clean the water but also to remove the minerals that make the water hard. If you attended a chemistry class, you could recall your tutor saying that hard water contains calcium and magnesium minerals. This was a basic introduction to what hard water is. It is worth noting that water contains other minerals such us Arsenic, chromium, copper, chromium, and ammonia which are responsible for teeth coloring and other diseases. On top of these contaminants, water also contains soil, oil spills, bad odor as well as microorganisms.

Making water clean is now simplified with the technological advancement making it simpler and achievable. I took some time to test some of the water softeners as well as collecting individual views on compatibility and adaptability of the devices so that I may assist you in going for the best. I prepared the list below of the best-rated water softeners, and I hope to see you installing one in your house soon.

1. APEC Water Systems Top Tier 5-Stage

If you have a standard sized kitchen and dying to have a softener in the house, here is the real deal for you. The APEC water system is designed to provide sparkling, clean, safe, and Lucent water at your convenience. If you are using tap or well water in your house, the system has dual filters fitted to filter your water. The system contains four mini tanks that are used as center stages of various cleaning processes and a fifth container which acts as the storage of the treated water which is superior to the bottled water.

APEC Water Systems ROES-50 Top TierThe manufacturer assures you of the system’s continued service with a one year warranty and home service free of charge. The product components are all made in USA and quality, and durability is guaranteed. The system comes with quick to connect fittings that make your installation simple as taking your first drink from the softener. With 20 years experience, the manufacturer has added an exception feature of long-lasting filters that ensure that 99% of the contaminants are successfully removed giving you safe, odorless drinking water. The system has actual leak-free protection that ensures no single drip in the kitchen.

Just as clean water is essential, so is the silence in the kitchen. APEC took this fact very seriously and ensured that the system does not produce noise while in use. With Apec Osmosis Filter RO-50 System, you are sure that your water is free from hormones and pharmaceutical drugs. When it comes to cleaning, you don’t have to stress yourself. You just need to fill the water then release all of it at once through the spigot and your filter is clean. With extra filters included, you will never worry about where to get additional filters. If electricity cost may be a burden to you, get one of this awesome water pressure run softeners and enjoy free lifetime services.

The system has a bit of a set back which includes frequent replacement of the three filters for every six months and the rest filters every two years. Changing the filters may not be a burden as they are available and cheap.

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2. iSpring RCC7 5-Stage Residential

If you want clean, safe and radiant water with the same five stages cleaning process like in osmosis but at a lower cost, then iSpring osmosis water filter system is your best fit.

iSpring RCC7 5-Stage ResidentialThe system has received many positive feedback and reviews from the users around the globe for its size, durability, and convenience. The iSpring osmosis is made in the USA using 100% authentic materials. The system comes in handy with a nickel faucet with a European design giving your kitchen a classic look.

The system has five tanks and a fifth tank used for storage. The system is fitted with quality textile filters that ensure that 99% of the pollutants get removed before being stored for consumption. The filters are set to eliminate most of the minerals and chemicals that make the water hazardous as well as bad odor. To have their trust, the manufacturer offers one-year money back guarantee if the system does not serve your purpose. At this point, why not ask for one, after all, you will not lose anything. Also, the manufacturer offers you a one year warranty. By giving the money back option, the manufacturers demonstrate their trust in their product and are sure you will not regret your choice.

Have you ever used a certified frustration-free product? From its good ratings from the users as the best residential water filter system, the iSpring has received a frustration-free certification. The product will not frustrate you in any way. With iSpring, rusty and hard water will never worry you again.

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3. APEC Water Systems RO-90 Top Tier

If quality and durability are your priority, Apec reverse osmosis system is for you. The device has an integrated system to ensure that the water that passes through is filtered, treated, and softened as fast as possible.

APEC Water Systems RO-90 Top TierIf you need a large quantity of water, this filtering unit is made purposely to fit your wants. Though you have to part with a reasonable amount of cash, you get to take home the best system that will produce an adequate amount of water whenever you need.

The system offers quality from the materials used to make the system to the output water produced. The system is made in the US with all parts being genuine and original products. The system has a gold seal certification of treating 99% of all pollutants including fluoride.

Te system has quick fittings that make installation easy. The system is leak proof making it super secure and convenient. With the integrated five stages processes, the system guarantees clean and superior water to bottled water. Although it’s expensive, the value and the service the system offers is worth the cash.

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4. Aquasana AQ-5300 3-Stage

If cabinet space is small and you wish to have a simply designed water filter and softener in your kitchen, then Aquassana water filter is the best for you.

Aquasana AQ-5300.55 3-StageWith its 3 stage cleaning process, the system eliminates 66 contaminants as well as 97% of pollutants such as fluoride, chlorine, and lead. With this system, you don’t have to guess when to replace your filters as it is fitted with an indicator to show when the filter needs replacement. To keep the quality of water, you need to change the filters every six months.

The system is fitted with an oil-blushed bronze faucet that is designed to give the kitchen a classic look. The system has an additional pre-filter for better filtering in areas with water with more sediment.

It is fitted with a battery which lasts for 1590 hours without being changed. The system has a 0.5 GPM flow speed which gives required water at a considerable rate. The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty to guarantee quality and durability.

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Final verdict

By the look of the eyes, water may seem clear, but from the laboratory view, the water contains many components that make water unfit for human consumption. From the continued use of well and tapped water, it is necessary to have one of the above water filters and softeners to ensure you take clean and healthy water. Water is life, but if not treated, it can also cause death.