Best Waste King Garbage Disposers

Best Waste King Garbage DisposersWhenever there is garbage in, there must be garbage out. Most of the foodstuffs that we prepare in the kitchen have some parts that we cook, and some that we dispose of. I find myself surrounded by waste materials after preparing my meals.

Some time back, I would have a severe headache and saw it a bother start cleaning the kitchen even before enjoying my delicious meal. Most probably, you have also been in a situation where your guests leave leftovers and having no option; you take them back to the kitchen. I hate bad odor in my kitchen, and keeping my sanity level high has always been my priority.

After many years of continued suffering, garbage disposals have finally come to rescue the situation. The garbage disposals are the order of the day in every modern kitchen. Waste King Company has been the best provider of quality garbage disposals for a long time. If you are yet to have one of their great and amazing garbage disposals, follow me through, and I will help you make the best decision.

The garbage disposals come in different types and sizes to satisfy different consumers want. There is continuous waste disposal and batch garbage disposal. Their main difference is their order of operation. Continuous garbage disposal allows the user to continue adding the waste feed as the device runs while batch garbage disposal requires one to close the lid before running the unit.

From its ease of use; the Waste King continuous waste disposals have gained popularity around the globe. Considering some factors such as efficiency, durability, convenience, and design, I have prepared a list of the best Waste King Garbage disposal to assist you in choosing the best.

1. Waste King Legend Series (L-2600) 1/2-HP

The waste king legend series garbage disposal is designed to make your kitchen clean-up process easy while saving you power charges. This has been rated as the best trending device from its size as well as power consumption rate. The garbage disposal has a soundproof that ensures peace of mind when preparing your dish. The noise proof makes it possible for you to clean your kitchen without worries of distracting your guests or neighbors’ peace.

Waste King Legend Series (L-2600)The device comes with a powerful 0.5 horsepower electric motor that gives a great grind ensuring that the waste is properly ground. The device is made of stainless steel and corrosion-proof material that guarantees its continued service for some time. Once installed in your kitchen, the device needs not to be removed for cleaning as it comes with the removable lid and splash guard that prevents the waste from splashing out of the apparatus. If you have a bulk of waste to dispose of, the waste king legend series has got your back. The unit has a 2600 RPM speed that ensures that your waste is ground as fast as you put it in. Most of the continuous garbage disposals miss a power cord but, the legend series has a 39” power cord. You don’t need any technical assistance to hardwire the waste disposal unit.

The machine works perfectly with middle sized septic tanks so if you got one no worries of going shopping again. The device durability has attracted many individuals adding to the fact that you get a five-year mechanical warrant if it develops a problem. Some users worry about the disposal getting warm and having an electric smell. Most electrical devices may have the same smell after a long time usage, but the problem cannot cause any electric or mechanical damage to the unit.

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2. Waste King Legend Series (L-8000) 1.0-HP

Another great product from the waste king that has advanced to give you better and fast services is the Waste King L-8000. The unit has a 1.0 horsepower electric motor that ensures waste grinding is done fast with a speed of 2800 RPM.

If power cost is not a challenge, this device is for you. The unit is 16” tall and has a total weight of 14.5 pounds. With its big waste chamber, it accommodates more of waste and can grind as much waste as it can contain.

The device comes with a noise insulator and a power cord all in one box. When it comes to installation, the unit has mounting hardware, and if you have some plumbing skills, you can comfortably install it on your own. The unit is made up of glass-filled nylon that is corrosion proof and ensures leaking of the disposal doesn’t happen at any time of its use.

The unit may have a considerate rate of normal wear but in the case of any mechanical defect, the manufacturer offers a free of charge home service for a lifetime warranty. Some units have cases of no splash guards but are available in the market at a low price.

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3. Waste King Legend Series (L-3300) 3/4-HP

If you have a small kitchen space or medium cabinet space, Waste King Legend Series L-3300 is for you.

Despite its size, this waste disposer is technologically advanced with a ¾ horsepower motor with cutting edges for better grinding of the complex waste materials. The disposer has a noise insulator and regulator that reduce the amount of noise produced by the device. The disposer has a multi-grinding technology that ensures that most of the waste is completely ground to prevent clogging and jamming.

The waste chamber has stainless steel which prevents it from possible corrosions. The exception feature of this disposer is its multi grinding stages that enable you to grind soft bones, apples, and other complex wastes although one should not put a bulk of this complex wastes. It comes with a 36”power cord but also gives you a choice of either doing hardwiring or using the power cord. It has four years home warranty and is pocket-friendly.

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4. Waste King Legend Series (L-111) 1/3-HP

If you want to consume less power and still get perfect results, this Waste King Continuous waste feed garbage disposer is most suitable for you. With already pre-installed power cord, the disposer ensures that you start using it as soon as you buy it.

Waste King Legend Series (L-111)Also, the disposer has a universal mount that provides a firm grip on the mounting knob. Moreover, the disposer has a 1/3 horsepower magnetic motor that utilizes power while at the same time grinding at a speed of 1900 RPM. With this garbage disposal, you don’t need to keep turning it on and off but continues to break down your kitchen scraps as long as the power is on.

The device has a layer of sound shield that reduces the noise produced by the motor during the grinding process. Its convenience and high ratings have made many individuals purchase the product. Waste King L-111 Disposer is a device you can depend on for a lifetime. The manufacturer gives two years mechanical warranty and services the device free of charge. It is made of stainless steel with a polished exterior which ensures that it does not rust. It is most suitable for family use and its durability and efficiency in the garbage disposal is guaranteed.

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Final Verdict

With the above available garbage disposal devices, physical waste disposal is a thing of the past. Considering the price, efficiency, convenience, and durability, you now have a chance to choose the best disposer which you feel that it meets your requirements. Go on, purchase one of the disposers and let your kitchen time be cooking time, not cleaning time.