Lawn Mower Buyers Guide

It’s getting to be that time of year again“ the time when you start to think about your lawn’s care and maintenance. You know you need a new lawn mower, but what should you be looking for when comparison shopping?

Sorting through all the options for a large purchase such as lawn mower can seem like a daunting task. There are a lot of electric lawn mowers out there; this guide will help you decide upon the features and options that will work best for you.

Why Electric?

When it comes to lawn care, you need a mower that will get the job done but still be affordable. An electric mower is more economical. With an electric mower, you won’t be spending money over and over again filling up the gas can. You also won’t have to store gas and oil cans on your property, cutting down the risk of accidents.

Electric mowers are environmentally friendly because they cut down on emissions and noise pollution. A mower run by electricity can do just about any job that a gas-powered lawn mower can do.

What next? Look at the Area

It’s important to accurately evaluate the patch of land that needs to be mowed. How large is it?

Does it have a lot of hills or obstacles to maneuver around? What kind of grass is planted there? The type of grass will dictate how thick the growth is.

For example, St. Augustine or Bermuda grasses grow in heavy. Once you have answered these questions, you can move on to the different features and options of mowers.

Power Supply

Electric mowers come with two different kinds of power supply a battery or cord. The batteries can come two ways: integrated, which is built into the motor and removable, which can be removed from the mower and switched out.

Mowers that have removable batteries do not have as much power but are good for a bigger range (as they can be switched out).

These types of batteries are also easier to replace in the event of a malfunction. Some models even run dual batteries, allowing for an automatic battery switchover.

Machines that run on batteries have an unlimited range of distance, but can be limited on how much time they can be used before needing to be charged.

Mowers that are plugged into their power supply are usually less expensive and are better for smaller areas that have access to an outdoor power source.

These machines have a limited range of distance because they can only go as far as their cord, or an extension cord will allow. However, they can run for an unlimited amount of time.

Consider Propulsion

Self-propelled mowers are usually more expensive, but they are a lot easier to push. Almost anyone can push a self-propelled lawn mower. A regular push mower can be heavy and cumbersome to maneuver over heavy, thick grass.

However, self-propulsion means more mechanical parts that could require future maintenance.

Size Does Matter

Think about the size of your plot of land. Do you need a larger mower, or a smaller one? Electric mowers usually come in deck sizes anywhere from 14 inches to 20 inches. The deck of the mower is how wide of a section the mower will cut.

Wider decks allow for mowing the lawn with fewer passes. This saves time and money. However, a larger mower will drain its battery sooner. You still have the problem of trying to struggle with a large machine that is harder to push, especially for smaller people.

Larger mowers can handle the burden of thicker grasses. Smaller lawn mowers can navigate obstacles more precisely and with ease. The size of the mower is something to consider carefully.

Height adjustment is another important feature to look at. The length of your grass really just depends on how long you go between mowing and what time of year it is. Grass grows differently in the spring than it does in the summer.

You want to make sure you get a mower that can accommodate your needs at any time. There are two ways to adjust the level of your mower: adjust each wheel separately or adjust them simultaneously. Keeping the mower level is difficult when you adjust each wheel individually.

However, the lever to adjust them at the same time can be difficult to operate. Most mowers come with at least four height settings and have a range of 1.5 to 4 inches.

Start Me Up

You also need to think about what kind of ignition will work best for you. Some models come with a starter handle accompanied by a key, while others have a starter button with a key. It is really a matter of personal preference.


Most mowers come with a function that shuts the motor down if you let go of the handle. For obvious safety reasons, you are unable to adjust the height of the deck while the mower is on. Also, some models come with a childproof plastic key that you insert and turn before ignition.

Deck guards on the side and heavy rubber flaps on the back protect the operator from rocks and debris.

So Much Choice

The biggest option you need to think about is what to do with the cut grass. Do you have a compost pile? Would you rather rake up the clippings? Perhaps you’d like to put the clippings back into your lawn. If you don’t mind taking care of them, then just shoot the clippings back onto the lawn.

If you’d rather, you can opt for a bag that you can collect the clippings in. From there you can mulch the clippings as you mow and put them back to the earth, or you can collect them in a bag and dispose of them in a garbage can or compost heap.

Clippings bags come in different sizes. Another thing to think about with these features is how do you convert the mower from mulching to collecting in a bag? You’ll need to make sure you have any tools necessary to accomplish this.

Some other options to think about: you can get a mower with a dual blade, making it more efficient. Some mowers come with an ergonomic handle, which can ease strain to the neck, shoulders, and back.

Some models are made from weather resistant materials so you don’t have to stow it away and some even have onboard headlights for mowing any time, day or night. You should definitely look for a mower that has some kind of warranty, that way you’re covered should something go wrong.

A mower that is accompanied by a customer support helpline can also come in very handy.

When it comes right down to it, there is a mower out there with your name on it. One that has the features and options you require to keep your lawn healthy and attractive.

Now that you know what different choices you have available to you, you can make an informed decision so when the time is right, you can make your new purchase. Happy mowing!

Other Information To Consider

  1. Maintenance – There seems to be a misconception that an electric lawn mower of any choice isn’t as well made as a gas powered mower, but that misconception doesn’t seem to hold up. The big difference with an electric mower is there is less work involved with upkeep. There aren’t fumes to contend with and you don’t have to change the oil. There also aren’t carburetors that you have to be concerned with. To clean the underside of the mowers, all you have to do is brush the grass out and then place it back upright until the next time you need it.
  2. Cutting Power – A concern regarding electric lawn mowers is that since they are battery or electric powered, they must bog down quite a bit more. However, with upgrades and higher voltage options, these mowers are great contenders in the power category and more people are happily making the switch to these mowers to reduce carbon footprints.
  3. Capacity – It’s sometimes hard to decide what size deck your mower needs to be to efficiently cut your yard. A smaller 12-inch deck won’t cut a bigger size yard, however, there are quite a few options to choose from in various models. So, if you are looking for a bigger mower, you will have to take into consideration what size you will need and if it will do the job without having to pause to wait for your batteries to charge or if you may need a longer extension cord. Another great point to add is that while you are investing in extra batteries or an extension cord, you are still making an economically sound decision.
  4. Investment – Electric lawn mowers are at first, more expensive with upfront costs, but they are a good option to consider based on lower maintenance costs and upkeep because the need for gasoline and oil is not there, and you will be saving money in the long run. Also, keep in mind that some of the warranties offer great coverage, which can make your investment a better option and cause you less frustration. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I get an electrical power lawn mower?

Electrically powered lawn mowers are clean. They provide as a no emissions, fumes or exhaust option for keeping your lawn manicured, and maintained. They are not cheaper upfront, but the hassle of having to change oil, buy gas, or maintain upkeep is not there. They are quiet and a convenient choice based on these facts alone.

Why shouldn’t I get an electrical mower?

Depending on the size of your lawn, an electrical mower may not be the option for you. They do sometimes weigh more than gas mowers, so exertion may be a factor while trying to push these lawn mowers over hilly terrain. However, with that said, there are a few self-propelled options out there, so look around before deciding that an electrical mower isn’t a great option. This seems to be the only downfall in choosing one of these mowers.

Why I need a mower with removable battery?

You may want to choose a removable battery versus a corded mower option for charging convenience. If you decide to go with a removable battery option, this allows you to use one battery while your spare is charging. You can quickly change out a battery, and allow the other to charge while you finish the job. Another great reasoning to having a removable battery is you can bring it inside to charge if need be, and you don’t have to worry about potentially running over a cord.

How long will my electrical mower last?

This depends on how you use your equipment and what the climate for your area is. If you live in a more humid environment and have to mow your lawn quite frequently, the usage of your mower will increase as opposed to living in a cooler environment. It also depends on how well you treat your equipment. Some people leave their electrical mowers outside in the weather, and they start up just fine every time. It’s all in how you care for your equipment.

Why should I care about higher voltage?

Higher voltage means more power and allows for comparable efficiency to a gas powered mower. It also means that you don’t have to worry about how tough cutting your grass will be because your mower will be able to handle it.