10 Creative Storage Solutions for Small Bathrooms

Storage Solutions for Small BathroomsAre you suffering from Small Bathroom Syndrome? If so, you’re not alone. Many of today’s homes were designed to maximize living space. In some cases, bathrooms are deemed as functional and secondary in nature and are therefore built excruciatingly small. If you’re struggling to fit everything into your bathroom while still enjoying an attractive, pleasant space, you may be surprised to learn that it’s very much possible. Here are some handy tips for making the most of your small space. Don’t think of your small bathroom as a problem, see it as an opportunity to be creative. You’ll be amazed at what can be achieved with a little bit of planning and craftsmanship!

1 Consider decluttering

Before you set off to make the most of your small bathroom, make sure you’re not looking for space for stuff you don’t really need. Are you guilty of keeping a collection of nearly empty shampoo bottles? How about soap stubs? Have a clear out and aim to keep your bathroom clear of everything apart from stuff you really need.

2 Think vertically

If you’re short on floor space, you’ll need to consider the vertical plane. You can place shelves all the way up to the ceiling and fit quite a lot of stuff on there. Shelves don’t need to be wide to work. You can even use spice racks to fit pill bottles, perfume bottles and other small things tidy and off the sink. You can even use the space on top of your toilet or bath for putting up shelving. Basically – unless it’s physically in your way when you’re standing up, any wall space can be used for putting up a cabinet or a shelf.

3 Use Hooks

Many things in your bathroom can be hung by themselves, or put on things such as a shower tidy that can then be put up on a hook.

4 Maximize function

Instead of a standard mirror, use a mirrored cabinet to store smaller items. You can even make a larger cabinet out of a full-length mirror and hide shelves inside for larger items. The cabinet does not need to be particularly deep, as most bathroom items are pretty flat.

5 Towel storage solutions

Towels are bulky and can be difficult to store. Consider putting them on a high shelf or using a vertical towel storage solution such as a rack or a decorative ladder to avoid having to dedicate an entire cupboard to them. A narrow, vertical storage tower is another way of using vertical space to store a large number of towels without taking up too much floor space. Remember that towels can be rolled, rather than folded, which also helps save space.

6 Use the space under the sink

Some sink units come with a built-in cupboard while others don’t. If yours is cupboard-free, you can still utilize that space by hiding it behind a curtain. Put your own shelves underneath or use baskets or boxes to keep things tidy. If your built-in cupboard only offers one large space, you can keep it from becoming messy in much the same way – add your own shelves, use boxes or even use a few showers tidies to keep things separate and easy to find.

7 Use baskets or boxes

Even without space under your sink, you may be able to find room for a basket or two. This is particularly handy if you don’t have the ability to put up shelves or cabinets, which is often the case in rented accommodation. If you have a bath, you can place a waterproof box on the side of the bath and use that space for storage. You can even stack a few boxes there as long as you’re careful. You don’t want a poorly stacked box tower falling into the bath!

8 Make your storage decorative

As much as you want to utilize space, you probably don’t want your bathroom to feel like a storage unit. You can make a feature out of your storage solutions by making them attractive and unique.  Examples we liked to include using painted old crates instead of cabinets, hooking up glass jars for storing makeup and other small items and using attractive baskets instead of shelves.

9 Use the ceiling

Can’t use the walls to hang things off? Why not hang stuff off the ceiling? Hanging baskets make a fun and unusual feature that also saves a lot of space.

10 Change shape

Small bathrooms are so common, that there is a storage solution to suit any shape. Forget what you think you know about cupboards and cabinets – if you need a narrow, deep cabinet to fit into that awkward space by your toilet, someone will have already thought of that and furnished it with sliding drawers. All you need to do is hunt around or even build your own.