Diesel vs Propane Generators

Differences Between Diesel and Propane GeneratorsIn today’s world, there are many power source options to choose from and the variables to consider in choosing what type will best fit you sometimes comes down to personal preferences. Here, deciding between a diesel or propane generator comes down to just that. Below are just a few and general various considerations in making this sometimes seemingly difficult decision.

Clean Energy Versus Traditional

Diesel is a nonrenewable energy source that is derived from petroleum while propane is an affordable, alternative clean energy that is becoming more preferred. Most times, choosing a generator based on this comparison comes down to the personal preference with a focus on the environment.

Diesel has been around much longer, but it has been noted that the effects on the environment after long-term usage has been debilitating. Propane has been found to be a great alternative that doesn’t leave fumes or harmful by-products looming in the atmosphere.

Generator Costs

The cost to purchase either a diesel or propane generator is comparably about the same. However, one thing to consider is the fuel aspect. Diesel can degenerate over time, and when you need your generator, it may not start. Propane, on the other hand, is always ready to ignite at the turn of switch meaning, you do not have to worry about priming it.

Diesel does provide around 30% more output per gallon when considering costs, however, there is the risk that the components of your generator may degrade over a period of time while propane tends to hold up a little longer.

Ease of Accessibility

The ease of accessibility in finding your preferred fuel source comes down to availability. In some instances, finding a dealer that will deliver propane to you where you are, may prove to be difficult in case of extreme weather instances based on your location, or the ability to schedule a refill during these types of instances.

However, finding a source for diesel is as easy as driving to the nearest gas station. In most rural areas, diesel seems to be the product of choice based on this fact alone.


Maintaining your power sources are just as an important factor as purchasing a generator. Some factors to consider are: Is this a fixed generator or portable? Will you have enough during a power outage? What is the upkeep of each type?

Since diesel is a nonrenewable energy source based on petroleum, you may experience more upkeep issues with your generator compared to the efficiency of a propane gas powered machine. Another factor to consider is the exhaust system may leak occasionally allowing for harmful fumes to enter your home or surrounding area.

There are many more factors that can influence your decision in choosing between a diesel and propane generator and doing more research can help you consider other types of variable. These are just a few basic and general considerations to get you started in the right direction of determining which is the better power source for you.