The Differences Between Water Softeners and Descalers

Differences Between Water Softeners and DescalersIf you are a homeowner, the most important thing that you should have a regular checkup and proper maintenance on is your plumbing and pipes. This is simply because it is a known fact that builders and contractors tend to cut corners when it comes to things that are not easily visible to the untrained eyes.

The builders and contractors tend to cut costs when it comes to piping and plumbing since they know that they can get away with it. The fact that these piping and plumbing are hidden away behind walls and concretes also makes it hard for us to spot shady workmanship.

The piping and plumbing in your house can be viewed as the veins and artery of your home. They provide the necessities that a human need to survive, which in this case are water and proper sanitation. Did you know that without proper filtration, the pipes which supply you with water can be clogged with minerals build up?

Yes, you read that right. Minerals such as calcium tend to build up over time and stick to the inner wall of the pipes found in your house. While this, in general, isn’t so harmful, it is always nice to have clean pipes which supply you with water that you consume for drinking and for washing up. Water with less calcium content also tastes better!

The best way to avoid calcium build up is through a proper water filtration system. There are two types of water filtration, one is water descaler and the other is water softener, both serving different purposes. Below we will look at what each of them does and why having impurities in your water can also be damaging to your skin.

Water descalers vs water softeners

The simple differences between the two options are that one prevents the buildup of minerals such as calcium and the other scales or slows down the buildup. There’s more to that than the answer given but that’s the gist of how those two system works.

While calcium buildup is unavoidable, by using a water softener, it will eliminate most traces of calcium and other minerals by changing the composition of the chemicals in your water. On the other hand, if you opt to go with water descaler, it will only scale or slow down the accumulation of minerals and calcium in your pipes. They are two completely different methods used for different purposes.

If you’re looking at buying a water filtration system, make sure to keep in mind the points mentioned earlier. In addition to better tasting water, having less mineral in your water also promotes healthier skin. The impurities found in water are the leading cause of skin problems such as acne and rashes due to its unfavorable PH level.

It is therefore important to keep your pipes clean in order to avoid unwanted acne and skin rashes. You have the power in your hands to promote healthier living through a proper filtration system. The question is, are you ready to take actions? Is clean water important to you and your family’s wellbeing?