Health Benefits of Water Softeners

Health Benefits of Water SoftenersI’ve found that hard water is not ideal for my home use. It clogs up my water pipes, coffee and ice makers, dishwashers and anything else that requires water. It doesn’t allow soap and detergents to lather well.

Consequently, they don’t last very long. My water heating system doesn’t work very well because of the scale build up. It takes longer to heat up and my electricity bills go through the roof. The hard water makes my skin flaky, my hair lifeless, and my clothes and other fabric items rough.

But since acquiring my water softener, I’ve had less of these problems and I’m healthier too. It seems that it attacks and eliminates the magnesium and calcium content that is causing my water to be hard.  It reduces these minerals to harmless little crystals that don’t affect any of my water appliances and they get washed away when the water is flowing.  I’ve found the health benefits of water softeners to be as follows:

Feel and Look Better

My hair and skin could n’t be better since I obtained my water softener. The softener gets rid of the soapiness that would remain on my skin making it dry, and itchy after bathing. Now the natural moisture of my skin is enhanced. It doesn’t crack or flake anymore.  My hair’s amazing, too. Instead of being the sticky and dull mess it was with hard water,  it’s now bouncy and lush. I use half the soap and shampoo I used before.  So my products last much longer.

Sleep and Function Better

My clothing and bedding are softer, too. Before, they were coarse and hard and used to scratch and sometimes there was a skin reaction. Moving around or going to sleep was not very pleasant. But the softener has removed the hard minerals that embedded themselves in the fabric. Consequently,  my sleep patterns have improved.  I’m now happy with my clothing, too. It’s healthy and fresher and lasts longer.

Use Less Detergent

The scale build-up was not healthy for my water-using appliances. I used more detergent and it didn’t feel as though the chemical content was totally washed off each time. But with softened water, I use much less detergent and so there’s less chemical content that clings to my pots, pans, ice, dish and coffee makers. It helps to preserve the life of my appliances.

Sodium Content is not Overdone

The mineral content in hard water is treated using sodium so I was a bit wary of using a water softener and perhaps increasing my sodium intake and therefore giving myself more high blood pressure problems than I already have.

But it seems that the sodium content is more minor than what’s contained in my food so that was a relief.  And apparently, it’s sodium bicarbonate that results from water softening and not harmful table salt or sodium chloride. But just to be on the safe side, I still use a water filter to cleanse my water before I drink it.