How to Attain A Beautiful Lawn

I believe everybody appreciates a green and an attractive lawn even though some of us think that they are difficult to create and maintain. I also used to believe so until I came across an informative tutorial about lawn care that changed my perspective completely.

Today, I’ve been able to maintain a beautiful garden because of the excellent info I was able to get from the internet. As such, it is important that I share some of the valuable lessons that I’ve learned over the years about caring for a green lawn.

Even though some of the guiding tips are applicable to specific settings, I have tried to focus on solutions to the main challenges that hinder most homeowners from developing a desirable lawn.

Prevent and Remove Weeds Early Enough

You will agree with me that weeds are a significant problem for anyone who wants a beautiful lawn. I discovered that weeds are best dealt with when they are sprouting. The simplest and probably one of the most efficient ways to remove weed is by uprooting them with your hands. I still do this even today.

Other than removing weeds by hand, I use quality pre-emergent herbicide to prevent weeds from sprouting. However, I realized that some weeds are resistant to conventional herbicides and these require hand picking. If you opt for herbicides and lawn treatment products, you should spray the lawn early in the morning, since most of them need moisture to stick on the weeds.

Proper And Frequent Mowing Of The Lawn

Over the years, I noticed that lawns are more beautiful when I perform high mowing more frequently. Most people who care for lawns think that cutting the grass short reduces the need for frequent mowing. However, from experience, I can tell you that mowing lawn short encourages weeds and alters the overall aesthetics. My general rule is to retain at least one-third of the grass height and cut it using sharp blades to prevent shredding, and tearing of the lawn.

Frequent Feeding and Watering

Nothing can replace regular feeding and watering. Since I discovered this, I water my lawn every morning to prevent the sun from drying the soil and vegetation.

Though night watering can be a suitable option for many people, all the expert advice that I’ve read say that at night watering often result in excessive moisture that encourages diseases.

Besides, I realized that lawn grass grows well when I soak it up with clean water and apply nitrogen-rich fertilizer at least once every three months.

Effects of Pets And Domestic Animals On The Lawn

Animal urine contains nitrogen, and too much of it tends to kill plants. Since I love training my dog and spending time on the lawn, I have set aside a training space to prevent the dog from ruining the entire lawn. When I keep shifting the animal, the area is not so much affected.

If you apply these valuable tips, attaining a good lawn will be quite easy. Though you will have to sacrifice some time for the additional task, I can assure you that the benefits are worth it.