How to Install a Garbage Disposal

How to Install a Garbage DisposalYour garbage disposal system should be attached to the sink and at the same time have discharge that connects to the drainpipe. Then the dishwasher pipe hose should attach to the disposal system. If you have an existing disposer, identify a close by switch and outlet. Once you have checked all these requirements, you can contact an electrician to install. Find out if there are any permits required. Normally, disposals can be bought in 1/3 to 1 horsepower. If there is a septic system in the compound, you will be required to get a septic-safe disposer.

Switch off power and check the drain lines

The first thing is to ensure that the disposal system will fit under the sink. Begin by turning off power at the breaker. Get rid of the drain lines and put a rag at the main drain to hold any water or prevent leakage. Once you have prevented any leakage, slacken off the huge nut held at the slink flange base. You can just let it fall. Shove the filter body through the sink and take it out.

Remove the putty and the snap ring

Using a screwdriver, carefully remove all the putty that is stuck on the sink cavity. You can wipe it off with an old rug to ensure nothing is left stuck on the opening. Twirl the mounting assembly over. Use your fingers and a screwdriver to untie all the mounted screws until you are able to reach the snap ring. Once you have reached the snap ring, pry it off the sink lip with a screwdriver. The mounting assembly will fall off. Disconnect all the parts without damaging the fiber gasket.

Installing the snap ring

Begin by slipping the mounting ring above the flange by holding the fiber gasket as well as the backup ring in position even as you slip them in so that it seats adjacent to the backup ring. Put a broad rubber band just about the flange to ensure the parts are ready. Ensure that the ring is on top of the snap ring groove. Mount the snap ring by slipping it up the sink flange up to the point where it pops into the furrow. Please remember to remove the rubber band at this point.  Then firmly tighten the mounting screws until you can feel the tightness of the entire assembly and especially against the sink and the backup flange. Clean up the putty once again just to ensure nothing seeps out of the sink.

Connect the dishwasher drain

To connect, use a hammer to remove by knocking off the drain plug attached to the inlet on the disposal. Remove the wire cover plate and attach the electrical code by toning the colors of the wire. Reposition the wires and reattach the plate. You can buy electrical cords separately. Then put in the gasket inside the discharge opening. Affix the discharge tube to the flange and bolts.

Align the three tabs using a mounting ring to enable you to hang the disposal. With the incorporated wrench, turn and bolt the tabs over the ridges. Connect the dishwasher. Check the discharge pipe to ensure is well-lined, and then connect the drainpipes. Go for the T-pipe before you connect the P-trap.