Why Are Inverter Generators So Expensive

Why Are Inverter Generators So ExpensiveInverter generators are revolutionizing the world of electrical equipment- quite literally. Unlike the conventional generators, this new breed of generators is relatively quiet, compact and easy to carry around. But, the convenience of inverter generators comes at a price.

The question is; why are inverter generators so expensive in comparison to their conventional counterparts? We take a closer look at these generators in a bid to suss out that question;

Inverter Generators Have a Higher Fuel Efficiency

The best generator ought to run on a system that saves fuel, right? Well, an inverter generator can automatically adjust its speed engine to generate enough power for the task at hand, thereby saving a significant amount of fuel. In fact, inverter generators can help cut fuel costs by up to 40%.

Conventional generators, on the other hand, are programmed to run at a constant speed of 3600 rpm. In essence, this means that the generator will be using the same amount of power even for smaller tasks.

Inverter Generators Yield More Power

Because of the unique technology that inverter generators use, they can produce enough power to meet the needs of an average household. Besides, these generators can be paired (as long as they’re identical) to double the power produced.

Note that inverter generators have a parallel capability which makes it possible to use two, small, lightweight inverters. That way, the need to use big and bulky conventional generators is eliminated.

Inverter Generators are Easier to Maintain

Traditional generators require, at the very least, periodic maintenance to keep them in the best working condition. As a matter of fact, the oil needs to be replaced after every 200 hours of use to ensure that the electrical output is at its optimum. Besides, if the generator is not used for more than four weeks, the used fuel will drain which increases the risk of damaging the carburetor.

Inverter generators, on the other hand, are easy and less expensive to maintain. All that’s required as far as maintaining it is to inspect the battery once a year.

Inverter Generators Have Longer Run Times

By design, the size of the fuel tank limits a conventional generator’s ability to produce power. While larger models come with sizeable tanks (which translates to longer run times), they are way too bulky, which profoundly compromises their convenience and portability.

As stated, inverter generators can adjust the engine speed depending on the load at hand. What does that mean? Well, it translates to longer run times. Most inverter generators have run times of 8 to 10 hours, which usually more than adequate for the load at hand.

Yes, inverter generators are quite expensive, but their capability makes up for the cost. Also, when used and maintained correctly, an inverter generator can guarantee years of use. That said, an inverter generator is a superior and a better choice for those who have the money to spend. And with the rising popularity of these generators, it is safe to conclude that they do offer value for money in the long term.