Lawn Mower Maintenance

The lawn mower has become an essential tool in both residential and commercial landscaping jobs. However, most owners ignore the fact that this tool needs to be kept in top shape for it to perform at its best. Here are tips to help you keep the lawnmower in tiptop shape.

Perform Regular Oil Change

Over the life of the lawn mower, dust and dirt collect in the oil. Oil is an essential component of any engine, and the impurities that collect in the oil might spoil the engine. Make sure you change the oil at the start of each season to maintain the integrity of the engine. Likewise, you need to check your oil filters for dirt and debris, and change them or clean them after every 50 or 100 hours depending on the type of mower.

Clean or Change the Spark Plugs

For a consistent and faultless start, you need to clean or replace spark plugs before the start of the season or after 100 hours of operation. Make sure you use the specific spark plug that the manufacturer has specified in the user manual. Changing the spark plug makes sure you achieve a consistent spark and dependable starting. You also use less fuel when the spark plugs are working perfectly.

Clean or Replace the Air Filter

As you use the lawn mower regularly over the summer, the air filter becomes clogged with dirt. If the lawnmower uses a paper filter, you need to replace it for maximum performance. On the other hand, if your mower uses a foam filter, remove it and wash it out with detergent, then douse it using engine oil before putting it back.

Remove Debris From the Undercarriage

The undercarriage might accumulate grass and other debris while you mow the lawn. This debris might end up clogging the discharge chute on the mower. Using a wire brush, remove dirt and grass clippings from the undercarriage. Use a hose to spray any dirt and grass remaining. To stay safe, make sure the spark plug stays disconnected all the time.

Always Use Fresh Fuel

The performance of a lawn mower goes hand in hand with the quality of fuel you use. Most homeowners keep a drum of gasoline in their garages for months waiting for the summer. This is a bad idea. Stored fuel builds up moisture and losses octane. These affect the integrity of the fuel and can affect the performance of the engine. Make sure you buy the fuel in small quantities.

Consult a Professional

Schedule regular maintenance by a professional lawn mower specialist. Some of the maintenance tasks need the attention of a lawn mower specialist. These specialists perform diagnostic tests on the mower and identify issues that you cannot detect visually.