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With all the varieties of grass seeds that are out on the market today, it is often difficult to decide which the best is. When selecting a grass seed, one must think of all the aspects that are required to grow a healthy, thriving lawn.

You needn’t look any further than Johnathan Green 10323 Black Beauty Grass Mix, and here’s why.

At Johnathan Green, they have their own turf breeding program in which they are continually perfecting their seeds to guarantee their customers to have success growing a richer, green, resilient lawn. They have created a seed that is genetically superior to any other seed.

Not only will your lawn be envied by the neighborhood because of its beauty, but these seeds have been created to grow in the hardest ground areas to work with, so any ground can accommodate this seed. At Johnathon Green, they stand by their product being the best available.

What Makes It So Special?

The seed has been coated in an invisible wax layer to protect not only the seed from harmful diseases but the leaf itself. It is capable of retaining moisture within the seed and the leaf enabling your turf to forbear the driest climates or any kind of drought. You will notice the hardiness of the leaf as it begins to grow into a luscious, green lawn.

Because this seed was breed with Kentucky blue grass, it quickly germinates allowing faster-growing results. You will be able to enjoy a lush green lawn within a matter of weeks.

Also embedded within the seed is a natural insect repellent, protecting the seed as it grows into the grass. This also protects the leaf, continually giving you that full coverage you want to see.

Johnathan Green selected only the best seeds to breed with to create this superior seed, such as elite Kentucky Bluegrass, Tall Fescues, and elite Perennial Ryegrass to produce that natural rich forest-green color.

If you only have hard ground, sand, or clay to work with, it can prove difficult to grow any greenery in. This superior seed has been developed specifically to grow in any soil types. It has been proven to grow in the shade or full sun, in the driest or wettest weather conditions.

Whether you are covering a space of 400 square feet, 10,000 square feet, or anywhere in between, there is a suitable sized bag to fit your needs. It will work easily with other seeds and grass if you only need to re-seed a patch or reseed your entire lawn.

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Alternatives To This Product

Johnathan Green 10830 Fast Grow

Because this seed is also created by Johnathan Green, you are guaranteed perfection and the best quality seed out there. In some cases, fast results are required. That is why this seed has been created with a fast growth formula ensuring you will be seeing full coverage in a much quicker period of time than any other brand on the market.

This seed takes only 7-14 days to germinate, which is the reason for its impressive growth speed. Johnathan Green ensures their customers can grow their seeds on any soil types. This seed is no exception, allowing you to have a beautiful lawn no matter where you live.

This seed will grow quickly in full sun or shade, so there are no restrictions for your yard. If you are in need of speedy results but do not mind missing out on some of the benefits the Johnathan Green 10323 Black Beauty Grass Mix provides, this seed is recommended to you.

Pennington 1 Step Complete

The Pennington 1 Step Complete is designed more for repairing patches in the lawn rather than growing a completely new lawn. However, that doesn’t make this a bad seed to use. Pennington has created a premium grass seed and has included specialized grade fertilizer, as well as mulch to give you the complete, all you need, in one package.

That makes it much simpler to buy just once product to complete the job in hand. They have combined their seed with grasses that are known to thrive in both sunny and shady areas, guaranteeing perfectly beautiful, thick and healthy lawns.

This particular seed requires half the amount of water that ordinary seeds need, and they grow 80% thicker leaves than the average grass seed. Pennington guarantees their customers full growth, resilient against drought and disease, with their grass seed, because they use Penkote technology.

Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed

Scotts Turf uses WaterSmart technology to coat their seeds, allowing at least twice the amount of water absorption than other leading brands. This makes these seeds hardy to drought and dry areas. This technology also feeds the seeds with the essential nutrients they need to grow from seedlings into the grass.

They are also equipped with an invisible protective layer to shield the seedlings from threatening diseases and insects as they grow. These seeds have been combined with Southern grass seeds ensuring durability against the harshest of conditions, such as shade, full sun, and high traffic areas.

This seed can be used for reseeding or repairing patched in the lawn, or to create a brand new lawn. Scotts Turf is proud to say their grass seeds will grow quickly into thick, luscious, green grass, complimenting any yard.

The Best Seed Money Can Buy

There is nothing quite like looking out into your yard and seeing a perfectly green lawn. It is what every gardener dreams of. Picking the perfect seed to achieve that dream is where it all begins.

That’s why picking Johnathan Green 10323 Black Beauty Grass Mix is the perfect seed of choice. It is without a doubt the best grass seed money can buy. It has everything that is needed in that tiny little seed to ensure a healthy, rich, greener lawn.

It is packed with nutrients to feed the seed during growth and is covered with a vital protective layer to prevent damage from disease and insects. Johnathan Green assures their customers will not be disappointed with their product.