Water Softener Buyers Guide

Water Softener Buyers GuideWhen you are buying a water softener the important thing to remember is that there are certain things you need to look for. You need to make sure that you get the right size with your water softeners because by doing so you can get the best when it comes to all the technologies that are offered with water softeners in general.

There are a few different types of water softeners that offer the best when it comes to your water softener needs.

One type is salt-free water softeners

A salt-free water softener reproduces with a real quality salt substitute as opposed to sodium or other chemicals. It also has prevention methods of not allowing minerals and other substances to be deposited as a whole.

With a salt-free water softener, you get the kind of treatment that is better as opposed to getting no type of treatment at all, but it is not considered the most effective when it comes to water softener treatments in general.

Another is the dual-tank water softener

Another type of water softener is the dual-tank water softener, and it offers the best when it comes to having two resin tanks, and many other features. With a dual tank water softener, while one tank is being used, the other is reproducing, and because of this water that is softened is constantly being supplied without any problems when it comes to usage.

Also, with dual tank water softeners, they can be perfectly sized to be bigger or smaller than some if not all single unit tanks. Additionally, several different units are available when it comes to dual-tank water softeners, depending upon size needs, usage needs, and other needs when it comes to a water softener unit.

Some of these units come with adjustable valves that are and can be controlled by a meter. With dual-tank water softeners, you can purchase various tank capacities, from 24,000 to 110,000 with a lot in between. It’s also important to note that this water softener can and does take up a lot of space, and thus it should be installed where it can serve the main inbound water line as a whole.

Salt-Conceptualized Ion Exchange Softener

Another type of water softener is the Salt-Conceptualized Ion Exchange softener, and that offers the best when it comes to cycling house used water through two tanks, so you can get the best ion exchange within a water softener unit.

This type of water softener substitute’s hard minerals with sodium or salt, and it offers the best when it comes to efficiency, organization, and a whole lot more.

Understanding Hard Water

The most common reason you would need a water softener is for what is considered to be called hard water problems. Hard water problems can be potentially hazardous to your health, and they can also create issues when it comes to mineral problems within your water as a whole.

Statistically, over 80% of households in America have hard water problems, and health is an issue, but what is more of an issue with hard water problems is the overall expense. The reason being is that in many cases hard water minerals can reformat themselves and this causes plumbing issues, issues with coffee-makers, and dishwashers, and much more.

Hard water problems can also be a real issue when you bathe, cook, do laundry, and clean the house. Therefore it’s important to make sure that you get a real quality water softener that can take care of all of these hard water issues and problems.

Understanding usage and other specifics

It’s important to note that water softeners vary and they can and do rely on different things, and thus it’s important to remember that you need to get the right size and make when it comes to a water softener. Some water softeners are specifically designed for smaller homes and they also have different types of water saving capabilities as well as their ability to deal with hard water issues and more.

The grain capacity is also an important thing to take into consideration when it comes to buying a water softener. You need to make sure that you buy a water softener that can remove a higher if not the highest level of grains.

Also, when using a salt style water softener you need to make sure that you purchase one that offers the best when it comes to a clean pellet or a medium sized nugget style. Lastly, you need to make sure that you have a water softener that has a true and good regeneration cycle so that you can get a consistent stream of soft water into your home.

The size that works

Now, when it comes to size with water softeners the important thing to remember is that you need to take certain factors into consideration. You need to take into consideration the number of people in your household, you need to take into consideration the gallons of water you will be using, and you need to take into consideration the load size.

Also, when it comes to size and recharge an important thing to take into consideration is how much water the water softener will use. The average water softener commonly recharges with as much water as it takes to do a load of laundry.  With those factors taken into consideration, you will be able to get the best possible water softener that will truly work for you and your home.

Contamination problems

Contamination issues are another important reason you need to make sure that you get and use a good water softener. Contamination issues combined with hard water issues can cause reduce water flow, appliance issues that cause them to be inefficient and unable to work, build upon the surface of water heaters that can cause them to fail, and many other issues that can damage the overall quality of your home.

Therefore, along with looking at water usage in your home, you need to invest in water softeners that are made for your home and that fit your home the best, and that offer the best when it comes to dealing with contamination issues, along with any and all hard water issues.

The overall benefits of water softeners

Water softeners are also known to add more life to the overall water in your home. They are able to do this by removing calcium and other minerals and replacing them with softer ones such as sodium or potassium.

Water softeners also work extra hard to eliminate many bad hard water scales inside pipes and appliances, and this can have a big impact in clearing up any and all clogs and other issues. Again, it’s important to take into consideration that aside from purifying water, and making it better than the overall goal of water softeners is to soften the water and make it of overall higher quality.

Furthermore, many if not all water softeners require very little if any type of maintenance or repair and this can make for a very good return on investment as a whole. Water softeners truly offer solutions for a wide variety of issues in your home with softer water and better quality.